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Muckle Flugga 70cl

Muckle Flugga 70cl

Individual casks of three different individual malts from mainland Scotland have been selected and then combined in new French Oak casks. This unique combination is then shipped to the most northerly place in Britain, Unst, on the Shetland Islands where the casks are then stored in a variety of secret locations. It is then 'Over wintered'; and it is these wet, cool and windy conditions of the winter months of Northern Shetland which accelerate maturation. All bottles are individually numbered and traced back to the individual cask and exact location of maturation on the island from cliff cave, farm byre or even to a remote croft. Exceptionally smooth, honeyed with hint of fruit sherry finish. Rich, deep amber hue. Non chill filtered, no caramel or artificial colourings.

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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