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Mead is honey wine; it is the first alcoholic drink brewed by men, earlier than wine or beer. The famous nectar and ambrosia of the gods on Olympus were honey and mead. Mead was the beverage of Vikings and of their gods, of the Greek gods on Mount Olympus, of the Celts, Beowulf, etc.

Chilli Mead 75cl

Chilli Mead

Chilli mead has the perfect balance of sweet honey with the spicy kick of chillies, which will leave ...more 12.95 inc VAT

Garden Mead 75cl

Garden Mead

Garden Mead a medium sweet light mead with lovely fresh mint overtones...more 12.95 inc VAT

Harvest Gold Mead 70cl

Harvest Gold Mead

Harvest Gold Mead is the classic interpretaion of traditional mead, the storied drink of ages...more 7.95 inc VAT

Lanchester Mead 70cl

Lanchester Mead

Lanchester Mead is a beverage made of honey, water, and yeast...more 11.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne 793 Mead 70cl

Lindisfarne 793 Mead

The newest of Lindisfarne mead is a distinctive dry mead...more 12.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne Dark Mead 70cl

Lindisfarne Dark Mead

Dark Mead is produced by traditional methods only at the winery on Holy Island on the beautiful coa ...more 14.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne Mead 70cl

Lindisfarne Mead

Lindisfarne Mead is a unique alcoholic fortified wine manufactured here on the Holy Island of Lindis ...more 11.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne Mead 35cl

Lindisfarne Mead

Lindisfarne Mead, produced at the St Aidan's Winery by Lindisfarne Ltd, is a unique, alcoholic, fort ...more 6.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne Pink Mead 70cl

Lindisfarne Pink Mead

From the island of Lindisfarne comes a light, elegant Pink Mead, made with a similar recipe to their ...more 11.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne Spiced Mead 70cl

Lindisfarne Spiced Mead

Proudly announcing our brand new Lindisfarne Spiced Mead! Our first new mead in nearly half a centu ...more 12.95 inc VAT

Moniack Mead 75cl

Moniack Mead

Moniack Mead is made from honey and is a delicious well-balanced drink It is probably the oldest alc ...more 14.95 inc VAT

Rhubarb Mead 75cl

Rhubarb Mead

Rhubarb mead showcases the delicious pairing of honey and rhubarb...more 12.95 inc VAT

Tournament Mead 75cl

Tournament Mead

Tournament Mead a dark & sweet- beautifully married with a discreet hint of ginger...more 12.95 inc VAT

Traditional Mead 75cl

Traditional Mead

Traditional Mead is a sweet, deliciously full flavoured honey based wine from the Lyme Bay Winery...more 14.95 inc VAT

Viking Blood Mead 70cl

Viking Blood Mead

Drawing on the viking heritage of Holy island has been the inspiration for this recent addition to t ...more 12.95 inc VAT

West County Mead 75cl

West County Mead

West County Mead is a medium sweet honey based wine with a sweet spicy overtone from the Lyme Bay Wi ...more 14.95 inc VAT

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