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Rose Wines are made from Red grapes that are crushed and only brief contact is allowed between the skins (which contain the coloured pigments and tannins) and the juice (which comes from the colourless flesh of the grape). It is the degree of the contact between the skins and the juice that determines the final colour of the wine. Thus rosť wines lack both the deep colour and the tannic structure of red wines made from the same grape varieties, and in this sense are more like white wines, and are best served very cold. It is also rare to find rose wines subjected to oak treatment

770 mile Zinfandel Rose 70cl

770 mile Zinfandel Rose

Soft, fruity rosť with juicy strawberry and melon fruit...more £9.95 inc VAT

Arcano Rose 75cl

Arcano Rose

Arcano Pinot Grigio Rose with a light cherry colour, and lovely fresh ripe fruit flavours, and a tou ...more £8.95 inc VAT

Curious Moscato 75cl

Curious Moscato

Curious Moscato is lively and fresh with wonderful aromas of rose petals and musk...more £9.95 inc VAT

Gold County Zinfandel Blush 75cl

Gold County Zinfandel Blush

This Rosť has red fruit and citrus aromas complemented by a delicate berry flavours...more £8.95 inc VAT

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel 70cl

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel has lots of strawberry fruit on the nose and on the palate ...more £8.95 inc VAT

Joey Brown Rose 75cl

Joey Brown Rose

Joey Brown Rosť is a bright, fresh Aussie style with lively acidity...more £6.95 inc VAT

Los Haroldos Malbec Rosado 75cl

Los Haroldos Malbec Rosado

A bright nose of strawberries and cherries...more £10.95 inc VAT

Marcel Martin 'La Jaglerie' Rose D'Anjou 75cl

Marcel Martin 'La Jaglerie' Rose D'Anjou

A medium dry rosť from the heart of the Loire...more £11.95 inc VAT

Running Duck Shiraz Rose 75cl

Running Duck Shiraz Rose

Running Duck Shiraz Rose has the bright red colour of a toffee apple and the nose is reminiscent of ...more £9.95 inc VAT

Sierra Creek White Zinfandel 75cl

Sierra Creek White Zinfandel

Sierra Creek White Zinfandel a delicate coral pink, refreshing with gentle strawberry and peach flav ...more £8.95 inc VAT

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Wines Rose » Rose