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Italy, with its temperate climate; thanks to its Medeterrainian address; variety of slopes and soils and abundant sunshine, was destined to be just that, the land of wine. In recent years, Italian wine has gone through a sort of renaissance, with a focus shifting from quanity to quality from the vineyard to bottle. With new resources being imported from various well-traveled educators and those achieved growers and producers, Italian wine has never been better. From the least expensive bottles to the more renowned like those of Sassicaia or Gaja, there is a rebirth among these wines that shows the true creativity of Italian wine culture

Arcono Pinot Grigio 75cl

Arcono Pinot Grigio

Arcono Pinot Grigio has an intensely fragrant bouquet, with fruity notes and hints of wild flowers...more 8.95 inc VAT

Azienda Agricola Pra Soave 75cl

Azienda Agricola Pra Soave

Azienda Agricola Pra Soave Fresh, flowery with a touch of wood smoke; the palate has bright peach an ...more 15.95 inc VAT

Ca Lunghetta Pinot Grigio 75cl

Ca Lunghetta Pinot Grigio

Ca Lunghetta Pinot Grigio fresh, crisp, with a lovely floral bouquet and well structured...more 9.95 inc VAT

Cortestrada Pinot Grigio 75cl

Cortestrada Pinot Grigio

Cortestrada Pinot Grigio pours a bright straw yellow colour, with some greenish hints; the nose is p ...more 8.95 inc VAT

Frascati Superiore DOC Rionne 75cl

Frascati Superiore DOC Rionne

Clean and fresh with nice orchard fruit flavours, it's gently dry in the mouth with soft lemony char ...more 9.95 inc VAT

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio 75cl

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio is a dry wine with crisp citrus flavours of fruity peach and pear, apple an ...more 8.95 inc VAT

La Di Motte Pinot Grigio 75cl

La Di Motte Pinot Grigio

La Di Motte Pinot Grigio is a lovely single estate Pinot Grigio with real richness and complexity...more 11.95 inc VAT

San Giorgio Pinot Grigio 75cl

San Giorgio Pinot Grigio

Nicely weighted Pinot Grigio with lime and summer fruits backed up by a clean and crisp acidity...more 9.95 inc VAT

Soave Pasqua Classico Villa Borghetti 75cl

Soave Pasqua Classico Villa Borghetti

Soave is one of the best known white wine regions in Italy, located in the Veneto province just outs ...more 11.95 inc VAT

Volpi Gavi di Gavi 75cl

Volpi Gavi di Gavi

Obtained by the gentle pressing of Cortese grapes, this wine is bottled in the spring immediately fo ...more 16.95 inc VAT

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Wines White » Italy