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The key factor with all cream liqueurs is that they all contain dairy cream. These are not to be confused with crème liqueurs which do not contain any cream. At DrinksWell we stock a good selection of cream liqueurs which are best when served chilled over ice.

Brandy Butterscotch Cream Liqueur 50cl

Brandy Butterscotch Cream Liqueur

Butterscotch & Brandy Cream Liqueur Award-winning, delicious, rich and more-ish...more £14.95 inc VAT

Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur 50cl

Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur

Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur The taste is of very milky chocolate orange with a lovely texture and ...more £14.95 inc VAT

Columba Cream Liqueur 70cl

Columba Cream Liqueur

Columba Cream is a skilful blend of Scotch single malt whisky, cream and honey, it creates an except ...more £24.95 inc VAT

Coole Swan Liqueur 70cl

Coole Swan Liqueur

Coole Swan is the only Irish Cream Liqueur that combines Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Belgian White Ch ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Double Chocolate Cream Liqueur 50cl

Double Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Chocolate Cream Liqueur from The Lyme Bay Winery in Devon...more £14.95 inc VAT

Heather Cream 70cl

Heather Cream

Heather Cream Liqueur is Scotland's original cream liqueur, made using fresh dairy cream and Balblai ...more £18.95 inc VAT

Irish Pastures Cream Liqueur 70cl

Irish Pastures Cream Liqueur

Irish Pastures Cream Liqueur is an alternative to Bailey's, this Irish cream liqueur is produced in ...more £7.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne Cream 70cl

Lindisfarne Cream

Lindisfarne Cream Liqueur is made using the finest dairy cream and best quality aged Irish whisky...more £14.95 inc VAT

Merlyn Liqueur 70cl

Merlyn Liqueur

Merlyn is a premium quality cream liqueur produced to uncompromising standards at Penderyn Distille ...more £22.95 inc VAT

Mozart Black Chocolate 50cl

Mozart Black Chocolate

Mozart Black is a creamless chocolate liqueur made from dark bitter chocolate and genuine bourbon va ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Mozart Gold Chocolate 50cl

Mozart Gold Chocolate

Mozart Gold Chocolate Liqueur is a melody of creamy chocolate and delicious kirsch...more £19.95 inc VAT

Mozart White Chocolate 50cl

Mozart White Chocolate

Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur is a premium blend of white chocolate with cream...more £19.95 inc VAT

Norfolk Cream 70cl

Norfolk Cream

This Norfolk Cream liqueur is made by the English Whisky company, using English malt spirit (unaged ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Norfolk Nog 70cl

Norfolk Nog

Norfolk Nog made by the English Whisky company, using English malt spiri, fresh cream and honey for ...more £24.95 inc VAT

Pisa Cream Liqueur 70cl

Pisa Cream Liqueur

Pisa Cream Liqueur is made from Italian cream and hazelnut and almond liqueur...more £29.95 inc VAT

Salted Caramel Cream Liqueur 50cl

Salted Caramel Cream Liqueur

Salted Caramel Cream Liqueur The subtle yet decadent Salted Caramel liqueur is made in small batches ...more £14.95 inc VAT

Sheridans 50cl


Sheridan's liqueur is a wholly-natural product made with the highest quality ingredients and the mos ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream 70cl

Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream

Tequila Rose the original imported strawberry flavoured cream liqueur...more £19.95 inc VAT

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