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International Beers and Lagers from over 30 countries line the shelves at Drinkswell. From Australia to America, Italy to India and Poland to Portugal, all are represented here. We also stock a good range of German and Belgian Wheat Beers. Our strongest lager, Samichlaus Bier from Austria is 14%.

Argentina Quilmes Lager 33cl

Quilmes Lager

Quilmes Lager pours a very pale, straw colour with medium carbonation bubbling to a fluffy, white h ...more £2.45 inc VAT

Australia Coopers Original Pale Ale 37.5cl

Coopers Original Pale Ale

Coopers Original Pale Ale is actually an extremely pale yellow colour; swirled round the bottle and ...more £2.95 inc VAT

Australia Coopers Sparkling Ale 37.5cl

Coopers Sparkling Ale

Coopers Sparkling Ale is probably the most widely known example of the Australian 'sparkling ale' st ...more £2.95 inc VAT

Austria Eggenberg Hopfen Konig Pilsner 33cl

Eggenberg Hopfen Konig Pilsner

An excellent pils, brewed with the world-famous Saazer hops...more £2.45 inc VAT

Austria Gregorius 33cl


Pours a very dark brown almost black into the glass...more £5.95 inc VAT

Austria Samichlaus Beer 33cl

Samichlaus Beer

Samichlaus beer pours dark brown with a few bubbles but practically no head...more £6.95 inc VAT

Canada Moosehead Lager 35cl

Moosehead Lager

Moosehead Lager is almost an institution in Canada, with almost a cult following...more £2.75 inc VAT

China Tsingtao Lager 33cl

Tsingtao Lager

Tsingtao Lager is the flagship beer of the Tsingtao Brewery, of which massive Anheuser-Busch own a s ...more £1.55 inc VAT

Cyprus Keo Lager 33cl

Keo Lager

Keo Lager is brewed in Lemesos, in Greek Cyprus...more £1.95 inc VAT

France Trois Monts bière de garde 75cl

Trois Monts bière de garde

Trois Monts bière de garde is from a farmhouse brewery in northern France brewed with ale yeast, it ...more £6.95 inc VAT

Greece Mythos Lager 33cl

Mythos Lager

Mythos Hellenic Lager Beer favoured by Zeus himself, as well as several other minor deities...more £1.95 inc VAT

India Bangla Premium Beer 66cl

Bangla Premium Beer

Bangla Premium Beer is not an elusive Bangladeshi beer but be pleasantly surprised by this beer,Bang ...more £2.95 inc VAT

Italy Birra Moretti 33cl

Birra Moretti

Birra Moretti has a pale gold colour and quickly disippating white head...more £1.65 inc VAT

Italy Menabrea 33cl


The Birra Menabrea 1846 lager pours a pale golden colour, with a very lively, but short-lived head...more £2.45 inc VAT

Italy Peroni Red 33cl

Peroni Red

Peroni Red the original Peroni It pours a golden colour, but a shade darker than you would expect...more £1.95 inc VAT

Japan Asahi Beer 33cl

Asahi Beer

Asahi Beer, pronounced 'A-Sa-Hee', means 'Rising Sun' and is Japan's number one beer...more £1.45 inc VAT

Japan Hitachino Nest Amber Ale 33cl

Hitachino Nest Amber Ale

Pours a shady cherrywood burgundy with brilliant highlights and a tall, resilient, nougaty head...more £2.95 inc VAT

Japan Hitachino Nest Classic IPA 45cl

Hitachino Nest Classic IPA

The aroma is strong from the cedar casks in which this was matured in, and then very faint notes of ...more £3.75 inc VAT

Japan Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale 33cl

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale

This is one odd and very unique drink-in a deliciously good way...more £3.75 inc VAT

Japan Hitachino Nest White Ale 33cl

Hitachino Nest White Ale

The beer pours with a soft and glowing hazy yellow-orange hue, and is topped by a small white head...more £2.95 inc VAT

Mexico Modelo Especial Beer 33cl

Modelo Especial Beer

Modelo Especial Beer pours a gold colour with a thick frothy white head that quickly fades to lacing ...more £3.75 inc VAT

Mexico Negra Modelo Beer 33cl

Negra Modelo Beer

Negra Modelo Beer is described by the brewery as 'la crema de la cerveza', this is a dark lager from ...more £2.15 inc VAT

Morocco Casablanca Beer 33cl

Casablanca Beer

This Moroccon beer pours into the glass with ample carbonation, leaving a pristine white head atop a ...more £2.45 inc VAT

Portugal Sagres Lager 33cl

Sagres Lager

Sagres Lager pours a pale yellow blonde with a bright white head that leaves some lace around the gl ...more £1.95 inc VAT

Singapore Tiger Beer 33cl

Tiger Beer

"Give that man a Tiger!" The most popular and most heavily promoted beer in Singapore where it is ma ...more £1.45 inc VAT

Spain Estrella Damm 33cl

Estrella Damm

A pale golden beer that pours with a fine dense white head that manages to maintain...more £1.95 inc VAT

Spain Estrella Daura 33cl

Estrella Daura

Daura pours a clear blonde to golden colour with a thick rich slow settling head that leaves signifi ...more £2.75 inc VAT

Spain Estrella Inedit 33cl

Estrella Inedit

Inedit is a pretty traditional Wit Beer with coriander, orange peel, wheat malt, and the one innovat ...more £2.45 inc VAT

Thailand Chang Lager 33cl

Chang Lager

Thailands Chang Beer means 'Elephant', hence the pictures on the label, but this beer shouldn't be c ...more £1.95 inc VAT

Thailand Singha Lager 33cl

Singha Lager

Singha beer is brewed in Bangkok, it is the most well-known and widely available of Thailand's beers ...more £1.75 inc VAT

Turkey Efes Pils 33cl

Efes Pils

Efes Pils is golden yellow in colour with an average-sized head...more £1.45 inc VAT

USA Flying Dog Dead Rise 35.5cl

Flying Dog Dead Rise

Dead Rise was brewed to highlight the indelible, bold character of OLD BAY seasoning with citrus hop ...more £2.45 inc VAT

USA Flying Dog Easy IPA 35.5cl

Flying Dog Easy IPA

Easy IPA is a light-bodied brew huge citrus notes upfront that blend into stone fruit (think apricot ...more £2.45 inc VAT

USA Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter 35.5cl

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

Gonzo is big, bold, and beautiful like the man it was brewed in honor of Dr...more £3.95 inc VAT

USA Flying Dog Pale Ale 35.5cl

Flying Dog Pale Ale

Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale pours a copper amber colour with a thick frothy foam that leaves so ...more £2.45 inc VAT

USA Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout 35.5cl

Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout

Pearl Necklace is brewed with local Rappahannock River Oysters and is the perfect compliment to ever ...more £2.45 inc VAT

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