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These French ciders are made using unsweetened fermented pure apple juice. The required sweet/dry level is reached by stopping the fermentation by centrifuge. According to the strict regulations that pertain in France regarding the making of cider, the "fizz" in these cidres bouchés comes from replacing the natural fermentation gasses that were removed during filtration and centrifugation. Drinkswell offers a range of Ciders from Breton and Normandy.

Breton Brut Traditionnel 33cl

Breton Brut Traditionnel

Cidre Breton Brut Traditionnel is a soft full-flavoured cider nurtured under the warm Brittany skies ...more £2.25 inc VAT

Breton Cidre Brut traditionnel 100cl

Breton Cidre Brut traditionnel

Breton Cider, Cidre Breton Brut traditionnel is a soft full-flavoured cider bred under the warm Brit ...more £7.95 inc VAT

Breton Cider Artisanal de Bretagne Cidre 75cl

Artisanal de Bretagne Cidre

Brittany cider is made of apples that are crushed and then juice is obtained from its ferments...more £8.95 inc VAT

Breton Cider Kerisac Cidre Bouche Brut 75cl

Kerisac Cidre Bouche Brut

Breton Cidre, Kerisac Cidre Bouche Brut is less brut than its Norman Cidre counterparts, a delicate ...more £7.95 inc VAT

Breton Cider kerisac Cidre Bouche Doux 75cl

kerisac Cidre Bouche Doux

Breton Cidre, kerisac Cidre Bouche Doux is a sweet version of cider...more £6.95 inc VAT

Breton Cider Kerisac Poire 75cl

Kerisac Poire

Breton Poire Cidre, Kerisac Poire is a genuine pear cider...more £5.75 inc VAT

Breton Cider Le Petit Breton Bouche Brut 75cl

Le Petit Breton Bouche Brut

From Cidrerie Sorre a brut artisanal cider made with apples from Northern Brittany...more £6.95 inc VAT

Normandy Cider Bayeux Cidre Brut Traditionnel 100cl

Bayeux Cidre Brut Traditionnel

Normandy Cidre, Bayeux Cidre Brut Traditionnel is a well-balanced authentic Norman dry cider...more £6.95 inc VAT

Normandy Cider Fournier Brut 75cl

Fournier Brut

Artisanal Cidre is a halfway house between the Fermier and large production...more £8.95 inc VAT

Normandy Cidre Poire de Normandie Bayeux 75cl

Poire de Normandie Bayeux

Normandy Poire Cidre, Bayeaux Poire de Normandie is an authentic pear Cider very like our rare west- ...more £6.95 inc VAT

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