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The origins of Vodka are shrouded in mystery, but the two leading candidates are Russia and Poland. Vodka is associated and very popular in both countries where, the eighty proof liquor is drunk with meals. The name Vodka is thought to be derived from the Russian word "Voda” meaning water. Vodka is thought to have been made for medicinal purposes as an anaesthetic and disinfectant at the beginning of the 12th Century. It was not until the middle of the 14th Century that Vodka was discovered as an intoxicating drink and used as part of religious ceremonies due to the belief that it contained its own spirit. Although Vodka had been popular in Eastern Europe for hundreds of years, it was not until the 1930's when the Smirnoff Company opened for business and today Vodka commands 20% of the market in America. It is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. Vodka may be distilled from any starch/sugar rich plant matter. Most Vodka today is produced from grains such as rye, wheat, barley and corn where it is distilled at very high proofs and filtered, the higher the proof, the less flavour and clearer colour. Most Vodka has no colour and carries the clean aroma and character of pure spirit from the still. While most Vodkas are unflavoured, a wide variety of flavoured Vodkas have long been produced.

42 Below Pure Vodka 70cl

42 Below Pure Vodka

42 Below Vodka origingates from New Zealand and is stronger than most other vodkas...more £29.95 inc VAT

Aivy Black Label Vodka 70cl

Aivy Black Label Vodka

Aivy Vodka is an outstanding blend of lemon, blackcurrant and mint, with the flavours hitting the pa ...more £29.95 inc VAT

Babicka vodka 70cl

Babicka vodka

Babicka vodka is based on a 500 year old witches brew recipe! This Czech vodka is distilled with the ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Balkan Vodka 176 70cl

Balkan Vodka 176

Balkan Vodka 176 proof is Imported from the Balkans...more £64.95 inc VAT

Beluga Vodka 70cl

Beluga Vodka

A classic Russian vodka, clean and crisp with a little bit of grain flavour...more £49.95 inc VAT

Belvedere Vodka 70cl

Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka is one of the first deluxe vodkas using select rectified grain spirits...more £39.95 inc VAT

Black Cow Vodka 70cl

Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow is the world's first pure milk vodka, made entirely from the milk of grass grazed cows and ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Blackwoods Vodka 70cl

Blackwoods Vodka

Made with Shetland water and filtered through ice (the only distillery to do this) after triple-dist ...more £29.95 inc VAT

Blavod Black Vodka 70cl

Blavod Black Vodka

Blavod Black Vodka is made from pure ingredients then triple-distilled and double-filtered...more £29.95 inc VAT

Blue 42 Vodka 70cl

Blue 42 Vodka

Blue 42 Is A Highly Distinctive, Smooth, Luxury Vodka Offered In Our Unique Diamond Shaped Bottle...more £34.95 inc VAT

Brecon Five Vodka 70cl

Brecon Five Vodka

Brecon Five Vodka is a new premium vodka from the Welsh Penderyn Distillery is five column distilled ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Cariel Vanilla Vodka 70cl

Cariel  Vanilla Vodka

Cariel Vanilla Vodka is a Swedish wheat vodka, triple-distilled and flavoured with a natural vanilla ...more £29.95 inc VAT

Cariel Vodka 70cl

Cariel Vodka

Cariel Vodka is a Super Premium vodka and is the result of Sweden's 500 years of vodka heritage and ...more £44.95 inc VAT

Chase Potatoe Vodka 75cl

Chase Potatoe Vodka

Chase Distillery is the first and only company to produce an English Potato Vodka, and tastes much s ...more £49.95 inc VAT

Chopin Potatoe Vodka 70cl

Chopin Potatoe Vodka

Chopin Potato Vodka is the world's most awarded potato vodka...more £54.95 inc VAT

Ciroc Vodka 70cl

Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc Vodka is a French Premium vodka, and one of the earlier grape-based vodkas, made using fine Fr ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Davna Bison Grass Vodka 50cl

Davna Bison Grass Vodka

Our Bizon Grass is harvested in early summer within the Bialowieza forest in Eastern Poland...more £19.95 inc VAT

DQ Gold Vodka 70cl

DQ Gold Vodka

DQ Vodka is made with Swedish winter wheat, and comes packaged in one of the most stunning bottles w ...more £69.95 inc VAT

Durham Vodka 75cl

Durham Vodka

We only produce our Vodka in the same Copper Still we use for our Gin...more £39.95 inc VAT

Finist - Supreme Vodka 70cl

Finist - Supreme Vodka

Finist Supreme Vodka, authentic Premium Russian vodka distilled from natural ingredients only and th ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Freckin Irish Vodka 70cl

Freckin Irish Vodka

Feckin Irish vodka forms part of the hugely popular Feckin range of spirits from the Echlinville dis ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Grey Goose Vodka 70cl

Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka is a classic French Vodka made from a unique combination of the choicest grains and ...more £44.95 inc VAT

Haku Vodka 70cl

Haku Vodka

Haku Vodka is distilled from hakumai - Japanese white rice - with the word 'haku' meaning 'white' in ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Holy Grass Vodka 70cl

Holy Grass Vodka

This exceptionally smooth vodka captures the heritage of Caithness and celebrates the unique inclusi ...more £44.95 inc VAT

Hophead Vodka 70cl

Hophead Vodka

Hophead is "Vodka with hops,” both noted on the label...more £49.95 inc VAT

Iordanov Vodka 70cl

Iordanov Vodka

Iordanov is a boutique vodka that eschews the need for quick, instant gratification to focus on crea ...more £49.95 inc VAT

Kakuzo Tea Infused Vodka 70cl

Kakuzo Tea Infused Vodka

First, take some tea: To form the base of our unique Earl Grey blend, we have carefully selected org ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Karlssons Vodka 70cl

Karlssons Vodka

Karlsson's Gold Vodka is a blend of several different varietals of Virgin New Potatoes from Cape Bja ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Kavka Vodka 70cl

Kavka Vodka

Made using production techniques from the 18th century that were famed for making the best spirits...more £39.95 inc VAT

Konik Tail Vodka 70cl

Konik Tail Vodka

A small batch Polish vodka made with three different grains...more £44.95 inc VAT

Koskenkorva Vodka 70cl

Koskenkorva Vodka

Amongst the purest in the world, Koskenkorva vodka is distilled 250 times in a tray run producing su ...more £27.95 inc VAT

Krupnik Vodka 70cl

Krupnik Vodka

A classically styled Polish vodka from the Krupnik range, which you may be more familiar with from t ...more £24.95 inc VAT

Lakeland Moon Vodka 50cl

Lakeland Moon Vodka

This English artisan vodka is the perfect fusion of certified organic wheat blended with filtered wa ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Luksusowa Vodka 70cl

Luksusowa Vodka

Luksusowa Vodka is a crystal-clear and smooth Polish vodka made from potato spirit...more £24.95 inc VAT

Mamont Vodka 70cl

Mamont Vodka

Mamont Siberian Vodka is elegant, timeless and full of character...more £59.95 inc VAT

Marmaid Se Salt Vodka 70cl

Marmaid Se Salt Vodka

Although bartenders might not always tell you this, a little salt is often added to cocktails to enh ...more £39.95 inc VAT

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