Drinkswell, a specialist drinkshop opened in June 2004, is located in the heart of Ripon opposite the market cross. You'll love the 16 th century Tudor building which retains much of its original character with stone flags and oak beams. Inside the shop you'll find a vast array of specialist beers, fine wines and spirits from all over the world.

The range on offer is too extensive to list here as there are over 2000 products to choose from and if you are looking for something special then here at Drinkswell we pride ourselves being able to offer products that are not easily available elsewhere.


Lindisfarne Spiced Mead 70cl

Lindisfarne Spiced Mead

Proudly announcing our brand new Lindisfarne Spiced Mead! Our first new mead in nearly half a centu ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Chilli Mead 75cl

Chilli Mead

Chilli mead has the perfect balance of sweet honey with the spicy kick of chillies, which will leave ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Jawbox Gin 70cl

Jawbox Gin

Triple-distilled in traditional copper pot stills using time-honoured methods...more £39.95 inc VAT

Coole Swan Liqueur 70cl

Coole Swan Liqueur

Coole Swan is the only Irish Cream Liqueur that combines Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Belgian White Ch ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin 70cl

Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin

Single farm gin DRAGGED BY ITS nostrils to St Dunstan's copper pot' An enticing zesty citrus nose le ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Sir Robin of Locksley Gin 70cl

Sir Robin of Locksley Gin

A thoroughly Yorkshire gin, Sir Robin of Locksley is made in Sheffield by Locksley Distilling Co and ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Alnwick Spiced Rum 70cl

Alnwick Spiced Rum

A core of Legendary Rum, which is a blend of Jamaican & Guyana rums...more £34.95 inc VAT

Nine Tails Spiced Rum 70cl

Nine Tails Spiced Rum

Our Nine Tails Black Spiced Rum has a beautiful blend of top secret spices to form the most fantasti ...more £39.95 inc VAT

The Lakes Gin 70cl

The Lakes Gin

Juniper can be found across the fells in The Lakes District, and we use this local juniper as the ve ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Hophead Vodka 70cl

Hophead Vodka

Hophead is "Vodka with hops,” both noted on the label...more £49.95 inc VAT

Green Man Woodland Gin 70cl

Green Man Woodland Gin

Well, this is something rather special - the world's first spirit packaged in a cardboard bottle! Cr ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Black Magic Spiced Rum 70cl

Black Magic Spiced Rum

A spiced rum inspired by legends and adventured involving magic potions that can transform a person ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Kings Ginger Liqueur 50cl

Kings Ginger Liqueur

Kings Ginger Liqueur became famous in the reign of King Edward VII when, at the request of the King' ...more £29.95 inc VAT

Gordon Castle Gin 70cl

Gordon Castle Gin

Handcrafted gin made using botanicals grown within the walled gardens of Gordon Castle, Fochabers...more £49.95 inc VAT

Cooper King Gin 70cl

Cooper King Gin

Cardamom, citrus and floral notes of local honey come through in this fine dry gin from Yorkshire...more £49.95 inc VAT

Plantation Grande Reserve 5 Year Old Rum 70cl

Plantation Grande Reserve 5 Year Old Rum

Plantation produces rums from several Caribbean countries, encompassing a broad range of styles...more £39.95 inc VAT

Spirit of Yorkshire Cream Liqueur 70cl

Spirit of Yorkshire Cream Liqueur

Rich, luxurious, and warming, award-winning Cream Liqueur...more £29.95 inc VAT

Shetland Reel Gin 70cl

Shetland Reel Gin

Shetland Reel, a small batch gin produced in the most northerly inhabited Island in the UK, Unst in ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Whittakers gin 70cl

Whittakers gin

A family business run from Harewell House Farm in the heart of Nidderdale in North Yorkshire...more £39.95 inc VAT

Cayo Grande Club - Ron Miel (Honey Rum) 70cl

Cayo Grande Club - Ron Miel (Honey Rum)

Ronmiel de Canarias means Honey Rum from the Canaries, this particular Spanish alcohol is one of the ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Akvavit Jubilaeums 70cl

Akvavit Jubilaeums

Akvavit Aalbor Jubilaeums is golden and elegant with a nice simple aroma...more £39.95 inc VAT

R L Seale rum 70cl

R L Seale rum

R L Seale rum produced at the Foursquare Distillery Barbados first strikes you with its burnished go ...more £59.95 inc VAT

Sake Rice Wine Choya 75cl

Sake Rice Wine Choya

Choya Sake Rice Wine is a smooth dry sake made with the European palate in mind...more £17.95 inc VAT

Hepple Gin 70cl

Hepple Gin

Hepple uses 13 botanicals: Juniper, Green Juniper, Douglas Fir, Bog Myrtle, Lovage, Blackcurrant lea ...more £44.95 inc VAT

Opihr Spiced Gin 70cl

Opihr Spiced Gin

It is the ancient spice routes that Opihr is inspired by...more £34.95 inc VAT

Masham Dry Yorkshire Gin 70cl

Masham Dry Yorkshire Gin

The "Spirit of Masham” is handcrafted and is produced in small batches in a copper alembic still usi ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Isle of Rassay 70cl

Isle of Rassay

This refreshing Scottish gin is made using an expert blend of Raasay and traditional botanicals - ju ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Frangelico 70cl


Frangelico Hazelnut liqueur is a pale golden amber drink with an a orangish hue...more £24.95 inc VAT

Sing Gin 70cl

Sing Gin

Distilled in small batches, our blend of seven beautiful botanicals harmonise to create a rare and t ...more £44.95 inc VAT

Mermaid Gin 70cl

Mermaid Gin

Hand-crafted on the Isle of Wight using ten ethically sourced botanicals, Mermaid Gin delivers a smo ...more £49.95 inc VAT

Feckin Irish Gin 70cl

Feckin Irish Gin

A gin with citrus and herbaceous notes from the nose through to the finish...more £39.95 inc VAT

Baglietti Rose Prosecco 75cl

Baglietti Rose Prosecco

Lovely rosy colour enhanced by pink salmon reflections,Elegant floral scent combined with the fresh ...more £15.95 inc VAT

Arran Gold Cream Liqueur 70cl

Arran Gold Cream Liqueur

Arran Gold Malt Whisky Cream Liqueur is made from Single Island Malt Whisky from the Isle of Arran...more £24.95 inc VAT

Tarquins Cornish Gin 70cl

Tarquins Cornish Gin

The first gin to be distilled in Cornwall for over 100 years, Tarquin's Dry Gin is a contemporary ta ...more £39.95 inc VAT