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Dessert wine or Pudding Wine is considered to be any sweet wine drunk with a meal. Despite the name, they are often best appreciated alone, or with fruit or bakery sweets

Chocolate Shop Wine 75cl

Chocolate Shop Wine

What is being termed "the ultimate treat for chocolate lovers” - a new Chocolate Wine -...more £9.95 inc VAT

De Bortoli Show Liqueur Muscat 37.5cl

De Bortoli Show Liqueur Muscat

De Bortoli 8 Year Old Show Reserve Muscat is an award winning Muscat that has beautifully integrated ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Deen De Bortoli VAT 5 Botrytis Semillon 37.5cl

Deen De Bortoli VAT 5 Botrytis Semillon

Botrytis Semillon has luscious, honeyed flavour's of peach and apricot and marmalade and are suppor ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Elysium Black Muscat 37.5cl

Elysium Black Muscat

Black Muscat, an under-appreciated Muscat variety, one of the very few black-skinned Muscats...more £14.95 inc VAT

Grand Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos Crown Est. 50cl

Grand Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos Crown Est.

Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos Crown Est...more £34.95 inc VAT

Heaven on Earth Muscat 37.5cl

Heaven on Earth Muscat

Heaven-on-Earth Sweet Muscat / Organic and Fairtrade...more £11.95 inc VAT

Petit Guiraud Sauternes 37.5cl

Petit Guiraud Sauternes

Petit Guiraud Sauternes is an excellent quality wine with lovely honey, pure, apricot, dates and rai ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Quinta De Vista Allegre Moscatel 75cl

Quinta De Vista Allegre Moscatel

The Moscatel do Douro is a port wine-style sweet wine, aged for 3 years in wooden barrels...more £13.95 inc VAT

Recioto della Valpolicella 50cl

Recioto della Valpolicella

Recioto della Valpolicella with a bouquet that is intensely fruity, fragrant red fruit, especially r ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Spiced Wine Gluhwein 1lt

Spiced Wine Gluhwein

Glühwein is a seasonal spiced winter drink when it is really cold outside...more £9.95 inc VAT

Trentham Noble Taminga 37.5cl

Trentham Noble Taminga

Trentham Estate Noble Taminga is a late harvested, botrytis affected sweet wine made from the unique ...more £11.95 inc VAT

Vin Santo del Chianti 70cl

Vin Santo del Chianti

Vin Santo del Chianti has a gracious combination of intense aromas...more £24.95 inc VAT

Vistamar Late Harvest Moscatel 37.5cl

Vistamar Late Harvest Moscatel

Vistamar Late Harvest Moscatel has fresh aromas of peaches, apricots and quinces...more £7.95 inc VAT

Yalumba Museum Reserve Muscat 37.5cl

Yalumba Museum Reserve Muscat

A decadent wine, the rich and almost syrupy Muscat offers toffee, caramel; spicy, and aromatic flowe ...more £24.95 inc VAT

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat and Flora Muscat 37.5cl

Orange  Muscat and Flora Muscat

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat forms the backbone of the blend providing aromas of orange blossom to t ...more £9.95 inc VAT

Concha y Toro Late Harvest Sauvignon 37.5cl

Late Harvest Sauvignon

Concha y Toro Late Harvest Sauvignon is a golden-yellow sweet wine with complex aromas of ripe papay ...more £7.95 inc VAT

Keo Saint Panteleimon 75cl

Keo Saint Panteleimon

Saint Panteleimom from Keo is a medium to sweet style of white wine ...more £10.95 inc VAT

Keo Othello 75cl


Red dry wine with a rich berry-fruit aroma and a soft full palate ...more £10.95 inc VAT

Keo Thisbe 75cl


Medium dry fruity white wine, with a fresh palate of apples and grapefruit...more £9.95 inc VAT

Lebonese Chateau Musar 2016 75cl

Chateau Musar 2016

Chateau Musar concentrated and rich with plums, liquorice and spice...more £49.95 inc VAT

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