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Our principal style of ale sold here in Britain is usually served on-tap and is usually called "bitter" or "best bitter." Its taste is rather mild to assertive, with medium or even low alcohol content. The beer is usually amber, often with a reddish tinge, but it can be golden in colour. The dominating flavour of this beer is hop bitterness, which is accentuated by the low original gravity. Hop aroma is medium to high, but this is secondary. As opposed to mild and pale ale, Bitter should certainly be dry. Some styles will have a rich creamy head, while others are less carbonated. They are very similar to pale ales, and sometimes are identical. Traditionally, pale ales were bottled, while bitters were in casks or kegs. Nowadays, even this separation is no longer in use. Today, the major difference between a pale ale and a bitter is the name. Bitters are generally available in three strengths: ordinary, special and extra special bitter (or ESB). Pale ales are usually around the ESB strength, though some fall into the area of special bitter.

Alnwick Brewery Alnwick IPA 50cl

Alnwick IPA

Alnwick IPA is a traditional India Pale Ale brewed to a distinctive old recipe last produced in Alnw ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Alnwick Brewery Brown Ale 50cl

Brown Ale

"Nearer to Newcastle than Tadcaster" An old classic tweaked to be fuller bodied, with hugely satisfy ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Alnwick Brewery Stout 50cl


A traditional stout brewed with black malt rather than roasted barley...more 2.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep Ale 50cl

Black Sheep Ale

Black Sheep Ale brewed in the heart of North Yorkshire at Masham...more 2.45 inc VAT

Black Sheep Chocolate Orange Stout 50cl

Black Sheep Chocolate Orange Stout

A blend of two iconic flavours packed into a luscious stout...more 3.45 inc VAT

Black Sheep Milk Stout 50cl

Black Sheep Milk Stout

This is a silky, creamy stout packing notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee...more 2.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep Golden Sheep Ale 50cl

Golden Sheep Ale

Golden Sheep is a fine pale ale brewed using time honoured methods and fermented in Yorkshire Square ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep Imperial Russian Stout 33cl

Imperial Russian Stout

From Yorkshire to Russia with Love...more 3.45 inc VAT

Black Sheep Monty Pythons Holy Ale 50cl

Monty Pythons Holy Ale

Black Sheep Monty Pythons Holy Ale is from the Black Sheep Brewery set up by Paul Theakston, who lef ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep Riggwelter Ale 50cl

Riggwelter Ale

Black Sheep Riggwelter Ale based in Masham North Yorkshire, has a beautiful deep ruby-red bronze col ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep Velo 50cl


Velo (that's French for bicycle - but you knew that!) a 'free wheeling' fresh pale ale brewed with c ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Copper Dragon Golden Pippen Ale 50cl

Golden Pippen Ale

Golden Pippen Ale like all the bottled beers from Copper Dragon are traditionally brewed to reproduc ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Daleside Blonde Lagered Ale 50cl

Blonde Lagered Ale

Daleside Blonde Lagered Ale has a clear golden colour, with a good white head which fell away to a l ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Daleside Greengrass Old Rogue Ale 50cl

Greengrass Old Rogue Ale

Daleside Brewery Greengrass Old Rogue Ale pours a medium amber brown colour, with fine condition and ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Daleside Monkey Wrench Ale 50cl

Monkey Wrench Ale

Daleside Monkey Wrench Ale is the bottled version of an award-winning cask ale from the Daleside Bre ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Daleside Morocco Ale 50cl

Morocco Ale

Daleside Brewery's Morocco Ale is based on an ancient recipe from 300years ago found at Levens Hall ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Daleside Old Legover Beer 50cl

Old Legover Beer

Daleside Old Legover is a beer from the well-respected Yorkshire craft brewery Daleside...more 2.95 inc VAT

Durham Black Bishop 50cl

Black Bishop

A Dark Stout In the stout porter tradition, this is a dark beer that was popular in London in the 18 ...more 3.25 inc VAT

Durham Bombay IPA 50cl

Bombay IPA

This bottom fermented beer originates from Bavarian cool fermented lagered (stored) beers...more 3.95 inc VAT

Durham Cloister Premium Bitter 50cl

Cloister Premium Bitter

Durham Cloister Bitter is a Bottle Conditioned Ale, it pours bright amber in colour, coming with a f ...more 3.45 inc VAT

Durham Evensong Bitter 50cl

Evensong Bitter

Durham Evensong Bitter a Bottle conditioned Ale, and what a absolute gusher...more 3.55 inc VAT

Durham Magus 50cl


Durham Magus is made from a blend of English, American, Slovenian and Czech hops...more 2.95 inc VAT

Durham Smoking Blonde 50cl

Smoking Blonde

Smoking Blonde at heart this is a strong mild, meaning it has a low hop content...more 3.95 inc VAT

Durham St Cuthbert Ale 50cl

St Cuthbert Ale

Durham Brewery is not much more than 10 years old, but this rich and full flavoured beer would be wo ...more 3.85 inc VAT

Durham Temptation Stout 50cl

Temptation Stout

Durham Temptation Stout is a rich and full flavoured Ale its smooth and very easy to drink, it pours ...more 5.95 inc VAT

Great Newsome Frothingham Best 50cl

Frothingham Best

Pours a dark reddish-amber with medium carbonation and slight haze...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Newsome Jems Stout 50cl

Jems Stout

A traditional Yorkshire stout, the titular Jem is the brewery's springer spaniel...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Newsome Liquorice Stout 50cl

Liquorice Stout

Taking its name from the men who dug Liquorice root from the ground by hand and inspired by Robert C ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Newsome Pricky Back Otchan 50cl

Pricky Back Otchan

The Great Newsome Brewery is situated on the East Yorkshire Coast, run by the Hodgson family at Grea ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Newsome Sleck Dust Ale 50cl

Sleck Dust Ale

The Great Newsome Brewery is situated on the East Yorkshire Coast close to the City of Hull and is r ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Newsome Winter Warmth 50cl

Winter Warmth

Ruby coloured winter warmer, a rich comforting depth of chocolate and roast malt flavours give way t ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Yorkshire Blackout 50cl


Perched on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, Cropton Brewery has been producing award -winning ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Yorkshire Golden Ale 50cl

Golden Ale

A fine traditional ale with a hint of summer sweetness...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Yorkshire Lager 50cl


Billed as Yorkshire's first proper lager...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Yorkshire Pale Ale 50cl

Pale Ale

This Yorkshire Pale Ale pours a clear orange-amber with a pinky sized, foamy white head that holds v ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Hamnleton Nightmare Porter 50cl

Nightmare Porter

Hambleton Ales was founded in 1991 by Nick Stafford and his family...more 2.95 inc VAT

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