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Country wines are fermented alcoholic beverages made from a variety of ingredients other than grapes, the base of ordinary wines, and have a variety of flavours. Country wines can be made from any fruit, flowers, vegetables or roots, with the addition of sugar or honey to support satisfactory fermentation and to adjust the flavour. Some country wines imitate the flavour of grape wines, for example, elderberry, blackcurrant, plum, blackberry and apple. Other country wines are made from fruits including apricots, cherry, gooseberry, raspberry and strawberry. Country wines may also be made from flowers such as dandelion, elderflower and rose hip and vegetables and roots such as potato, rhubarb and parsnip. Drinkswell offers a range of country wines, which includes a selection of wines from our local Yorkshire supplier.

Apricot Wine 75cl

Apricot Wine

A Medium Sweet, smooth, richly scented golden fruit wine which oozes the lingering flavour of soft, ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Birch Wine 75cl

Birch Wine

Birch Country Wine is a pale and deliciously dry wine with a crisp delicate flavour...more £12.95 inc VAT

Black Beer & Raisin Wine 75cl

Black Beer & Raisin Wine

Lyme Bay Blackbeer & Raisin wine is a sweet, full flavoured dark wine with a rich, malty flavour & s ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Blackberry Wine 75cl

Blackberry Wine

Lyme Bay Blackberry fruit wine is a medium wine, bursting with the tangy full flavour & heady aroma ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Blackcurrent Wine 75cl

Blackcurrent Wine

A delicate, tangy medium-sweet wine which leaves a bittersweet lingering sensation...more £12.95 inc VAT

Elderberry Wine 75cl

Elderberry Wine

Elderberry Fruit Wine is a robust, off-dry red wine that is rich in colour & flavour...more £12.95 inc VAT

Elderflower Wine 75cl

Elderflower Wine

Elderflower Wine by Lyme Bay Winery A dry old fashioned wine with floral flavours...more £12.95 inc VAT

Ginger Wine 75cl

Ginger Wine

Lyme Bay classic Ginger Wine is a sweet, heart-warming wine bursting with smooth ginger and carrying ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Gooseberry Elderflower Wine 75cl

Gooseberry Elderflower Wine

A light refreshing and zesty wine in a soft fruity style...more £12.95 inc VAT

Mulled Wine 70cl

Mulled Wine

A delicious blend of Damson and Elderberry wine and traditional festive spices...more £7.95 inc VAT

Nettle Wine 75cl

Nettle Wine

A dry, light, crisp wine with the summery character of nettle and hints of melon & grapefruit...more £12.95 inc VAT

Peach Wine 75cl Sweet

Peach Wine

This Peach Wine is a medium Sweet, deliciously scented smooth summery wine with soft ripe fruit flav ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Raspberry Wine 75cl

Raspberry Wine

A medium sweet wine with a real berry aroma, Ripe raspberry character perfect balance of light fresh ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Sloe Wine 70cl

Sloe Wine

This fruit wine is a medium, succulent & smooth traditional wine made from succulent sloe berries...more £12.95 inc VAT

Strawberry Wine 75cl

Strawberry Wine

Strawberry Wine is a medium, well balanced fruit wine with a delicate strawberry aroma...more £12.95 inc VAT

Summer Berry Wine 75cl

Summer Berry Wine

With its explosion of refreshing fruit flavours 'Summer Berry' is the ideal companion to outdoor fea ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Blackberry Wine 37.5cl Medium

Blackberry Wine

Deep crimson in colour this medium wine is bursting with the full flavour and heady aroma of ripe he ...more £6.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Cherry Wine 37.5cl Sweet

Cherry Wine

A smooth, sweet wine full of rich cherry flavours with aromatic almond overtones...more £6.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Damson Wine 37.5cl Medium

Damson Wine

A mellow medium wine smooth and well balanced, with a hint of pepper - extremely easy drinking...more £6.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Elderberry Wine 37.5cl Sweet

Elderberry Wine

A popular robust sweet red, rich in colour and flavour...more £6.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Elderflower Wine 37.5cl Dry

Elderflower Wine

Aromatic, refreshing, crisp light wine which capture the fragrance of the English countryside...more £6.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Ginger Wine 37.5cl Medium Sweet

Ginger Wine

A classic, smooth, heart-warming ginger wine, overflowing with sweet spice and warmth...more £6.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Gooseberry Wine 37.5cl Medium Sweet

Gooseberry Wine

An appealing, light wine with generously ripe gooseberry character, refreshing and zesty with a smoo ...more £6.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Plum Wine 37.5cl Medium Sweet

Plum Wine

Absolutely delicious, rich ripe plum flavour...more £6.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Sloe Wine 37.5cl Medium

Sloe Wine

A medium sweet wine full-flavoured, succulent and smooth...more £6.95 inc VAT

Lyme Bay Strawberry Wine 37.5cl Sweet

Strawberry Wine

Lusciously fruity with a very intense bouquet...more £6.95 inc VAT

x Yorkshire Blackberry Wine 70cl

Yorkshire Blackberry Wine

Yorkshire Blackberry Wine Dry...more £7.95 inc VAT

x Yorkshire Cherry Wine 75cl

Yorkshire Cherry Wine

Yorkshire Cherry Wine Medium Rosť style wine...more £7.95 inc VAT

x Yorkshire DamsonWine 75cl

Yorkshire DamsonWine

Yorkshire Damson Wine is a Medium, Full-flavoured, very fruity red...more £7.95 inc VAT

x Yorkshire Elderberry Wine 70cl

Yorkshire Elderberry Wine

Elderberry Wine Full-bodied, port style...more £7.95 inc VAT

x Yorkshire Elderflower Wine 75cl

Yorkshire Elderflower Wine

Yorkshire Elderflower Wine Medium...more £7.95 inc VAT

x Yorkshire Gooseberry Wine 75cl

Yorkshire Gooseberry Wine

Yorkshire Gooseberry Wine is a Dry, crisp white...more £7.95 inc VAT

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