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Golden Rums are sometimes known as Amber Rums and are usually medium-bodied. Many have spent several years aging in oak casks, which give them smooth, mellow palates. DrinksWell's Golden Rums include Lemon Hart, Gosling's Gold and Havana Club.

Angostura 1824 12 year old Rum 70cl

Angostura 1824 12 year old Rum

Angostura 1824 Rum is a blend of the finest mature rums, hand-picked by the master blender from sele ...more £79.95 inc VAT

Angostura 1919 8yr Rum 70cl

Angostura 1919 8yr Rum

Angostura 1919 8yr Rum is a marvelous anejo made from a blend of light and heavy, molasses-based rum ...more £44.95 inc VAT

Angostura 5yr Rum 70cl

Angostura 5yr Rum

Angostura 5 year old Rum has an attractive pale gold hue...more £34.95 inc VAT

Brugal Anejo Rum 70cl

Brugal Anejo Rum

Brugal Anejo Rum pours with fair weight and has a medium amber colour...more £24.95 inc VAT

Brugal Extra Viejo Rum 70cl

Brugal Extra Viejo Rum

Brugal Extra Viejo Rum from the Dominican Republic is a Brown rum distilled from fermented molasses...more £34.95 inc VAT

Chairmans Reserve Rum 70cl

Chairmans Reserve Rum

Chairmans Reserve rum is a blend of double distilled pot still and continuous still rums...more £34.95 inc VAT

Clement VSOP 70cl

Clement VSOP

Clément VSOP is a rhum agricole, matured for a year in virgin French oak barrels, before a three mat ...more £54.95 inc VAT

Diplomatico Mantuano 70cl

Diplomatico Mantuano

Mantuano is an excellent blended rum aged for up to eight years in white oak casks, which previously ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Diplomatico Reserve Exclusiva 70cl

Diplomatico Reserve Exclusiva

A fabulous Venezuelan dark golden rum, distilled from molasses in a copper pot still before 12 years ...more £54.95 inc VAT

Don Papa 70cl

Don Papa

A premium aged, small batch rum from the Philippines...more £49.95 inc VAT

Doorlys XO Rum 70cl

Doorlys XO Rum

The Doorly's XO is blended from aged rum stocks aged initially in American oak barrels, but after bl ...more £39.95 inc VAT

El Dorado 12yr old Rum 70cl

El Dorado 12yr old Rum

Formerly King of Diamonds, this distinctive spirit, aged in oaken casks for 12 years and blended to ...more £49.95 inc VAT

El Dorado 5yr old Rum 70cl

El Dorado 5yr old Rum

El Dorado 5yr old Rum pours amber in colour, spirity with a dried tropical fruit nose...more £34.95 inc VAT

Elements Eight Vendome 70cl

Elements Eight Vendome

Elements Eight is a sensuous, smooth and complex super premium rum that will appeal to deluxe whisky ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Flor de Cana 5yr Gold Rum 70cl

Flor de Cana 5yr Gold Rum

A golden-amber, medium-bodied rum with a vanilla bouquet...more £29.95 inc VAT

Goslings Gold Seal Rum 70cl

Goslings Gold Seal Rum

Goslings Gold Seal Rum made to satisfy the increasingly vociferous requests for a Gosling's Rum with ...more £34.95 inc VAT

La Hechicera 70cl

La Hechicera

La Hechicera is Spanish for 'the enchantress', made in Colombia and is Solera-aged rum aged for betw ...more £54.95 inc VAT

Matusalem Classico Gold Rum 70cl

Matusalem Classico Gold Rum

Ron Matusalem Classico is exotic rum with a golden hue, fashioned from select rums aged in New World ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Mount Gay XO Triple Cask Blend 70cl

Mount Gay XO Triple Cask Blend

Mount Gay Rum Extra Old Barbados Rum is a skilful blend of the finest old spirits, carefully selecte ...more £69.95 inc VAT

Pirates Grog 70cl

Pirates Grog

Pirate's Grog is an exceptional rum that will blow wind into your sails! The rum is aged in American ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Plantation Grande Reserve 5 Year Old Rum 70cl

Plantation Grande Reserve 5 Year Old Rum

Plantation produces rums from several Caribbean countries, encompassing a broad range of styles...more £39.95 inc VAT

R L Seale rum 70cl

R L Seale rum

R L Seale rum produced at the Foursquare Distillery Barbados first strikes you with its burnished go ...more £59.95 inc VAT

Rhum J.M. Agricole Gold 70cl

Rhum J.M. Agricole Gold

Rhum J M Agricole Gold is naturally aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months and then bottled ...more £49.95 inc VAT

Ron Abuelo 7 year Rum 70cl

Ron Abuelo 7 year Rum

Ron Abuelo 7 year Rum is a moderately darker spirit with a smoother and more complicated body than t ...more £36.95 inc VAT

Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum 70cl

Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum

Ron Abuelo Anejo Resserva a Panamanian rum aged 5 years and notable for the fact the Abuelo is one o ...more £29.95 inc VAT

Santa Teresa Claro Rum 70cl

Santa Teresa Claro Rum

Santa Teresa Claro Rum is a blend of carefully selected rums aged in white American oak for an avera ...more £29.95 inc VAT

Santa Teresa Gran Reserva Gold Rum 70cl

Santa Teresa Gran Reserva Gold Rum

Santa Teresa Gran Reserva is the product of the igenious blending of high quality rums, aged in Amer ...more £31.95 inc VAT

St Aubin Rhum Agricole Vanile 50cl

St Aubin Rhum Agricole Vanile

St Aubin Rhum Agricole Vanile Rhum is infused with vanilla, sugar cane syrup is also added which red ...more £29.95 inc VAT

St Nicholas Abbey Rum 70cl

St Nicholas Abbey Rum

Nestled in the highlands of St Peter in Barbados is St Nicholas Abbey which was built in 1658 and ha ...more £99.95 inc VAT

The Dappy Share Golden Rum 70cl

The Dappy Share Golden Rum

The Duppy Share is a new and independent golden Caribbean rum blend from the islands of Jamaica and ...more £44.95 inc VAT

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