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As a country that has been yielding crop for over 3 centuries, there is a profusion of history tied to the land, styles and flavours of their wines. Equally, South Africa has remained proactive and is a leader among biodiversity and sustainable farming practices in the industry today. For example, wines that are labeled Single Vineyard come from a parcel no larger than 12 acres, and often wines that are produced from separate lots are often farmed jointly and produced on site. These components create wines of incredible nature and style and offer something beyond the traditional "good value. Be sure to check out the likes of Chenin Blanc, Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon (just to name a few) to enlighten your wine education on the wonders of South African wines

Bon Courage Inkara Shiraz 75cl

Bon Courage Inkara Shiraz

Bon Courage Inkara Shiraz with aromas of red berried fruit, chocolate, espresso, mulberry with sweet ...more 19.95 inc VAT

Bon Courage Pinotage 75cl

Bon Courage Pinotage

Bon Courage Pinotage pours a clean, bright ruby colour...more 12.95 inc VAT

Constitution Road Shiraz 75cl

Constitution Road Shiraz

The wine has a radiant deep purple colour...more 24.95 inc VAT

Indaba Merlot 75cl

Indaba Merlot

Indaba Merlot displays rich blackberries, blackcherry fruits and chocolate on the nose and mouth...more 11.95 inc VAT

Kleindal Pinotage 75cl

Kleindal Pinotage

Kleindal Pinotage with aromas of piquant dark plum fruits...more 9.95 inc VAT

Kleindal Ruby Cabernet 75cl

Kleindal Ruby Cabernet

Kleindal Ruby Cabernet has an intensely dark, almost black colour...more 9.95 inc VAT

Meerlust Red 75cl

Meerlust Red

Meerlust Red is expressive with lifted dark fruit, cassis, plum, chocolate and black cherry...more 16.95 inc VAT

Running Duck Merlot 75cl

Running Duck Merlot

Running Duck Merlot has subtle aromas of plums and red cherries on the nose and vibrant flavours of ...more 9.95 inc VAT

Running Duck Pinotage 75cl

Running Duck Pinotage

Running Duck Pinotage with plum pudding and gingerbread flavours on the nose, it develops in nice ch ...more 9.95 inc VAT

Running Duck Shiraz 75cl

Running Duck Shiraz

Running Duck Shiraz has hints of white pepper and sappy fruit flavours give this wine similarities t ...more 9.95 inc VAT

Rustenberg RM Nicholson 75cl

Rustenberg RM Nicholson

Rustenberg RM Nicholson with Blackcurrant aromas that are complemented by dried herbs and notes of b ...more 16.95 inc VAT

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Wines Red » South Africa