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Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum 70cl

Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum 70cl

Ron Abuelo Anejo Resserva a Panamanian rum aged 5 years and notable for the fact the Abuelo is one of the very few distilleries that grow their own sugar cane. This rum has an inviting iridescent light amber glow with tints of orange and copper. The aroma is complex and is comprised of several layers. First is the sweet scent of vanilla, followed quickly by the smell of wet oak and finished by hints of sweet fruits and honey. In the palate it opens up nicely and smoothly, revealing a light-bodied yet naturally flavourful rum. The taste buds first capture a light sweetness and then the vanilla-laden presence of the oak. Both of these tastes combine seamlessly and linger for a few seconds after swallowing. The oak aftertaste is very enjoyable and inviting.

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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