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Wessex Gin 70cl

Wessex Gin 70cl

Wessex 'Alfred The Great' Gin hails from the Wessex Distillery, and named after the king of the Anglo-Saxons back in the day. The star botanical here is chervil, giving a slight aniseed flavour. In Anglo-Saxon times, it was believed that chervil strengthened the stomach when mixed with honey and a freshly ground poppy. We just think it tastes good here though. Tasting Note. A touch of aniseed and a whole lot of juniper, followed by a good helping of citrus peel, a drizzle of honey and a delicate floral undertone. It is very smooth and balanced great with a twist of orange, lots of ice, a bit of tonic and a large double

Strength: 41.3% ABV

Only 39.95

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