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From home, Drinkswell has over 40 Beers from Yorkshire alone and more than 100 Beers form all over the U.K. We stock Beers from breweries including Samuel Smiths, Daleside, Croptons, Copper Dragon, Black Sheep, Burton Bridge, Durham, Hogs Back, Kelham Island, Moorhouse, Naylors, O'Hanlons, Wentworth, Heather Ales, Orkney, William Bros, Traquair York and Wold Top Our range includes pale ales, dark ales, barley wines, heather ales, Scottish ales, honey ales, brown ales, porters and stouts. One of our strongest ales is Thomas Hardy Ale at 11.7%. Some are also available gift boxed in Packs see our Gift Box Section.

(Kolsch) Sion Kolsch 50cl

Sion Kolsch

Sion Kolsch pours straw-coloured with a fairly fine head, and has a nose of light lagery malt, and a ...more £2.45 inc VAT

(Lager) Paulaner Munchener Original 50cl

Paulaner Munchener Original

Paulaner Munchener Original a 'premium lager', but would probably fall into the Helles category...more £2.95 inc VAT

(Pilsner) Warsteiner Fresh Non-Alcoholic 33cl

Warsteiner Fresh Non-Alcoholic

Brewed in Paderborn to the Reinheitsgebot...more £1.15 inc VAT

(Pilsner) Warsteiner Premium Pilsner 50cl

Warsteiner Premium Pilsner

Warsteiner Premium Pilsner is a very interesting and unique Pils...more £2.75 inc VAT

Australia Carlton Cold Beer 37.5cl

Carlton Cold Beer

No longer exported, Carlton Cold Beer is a rather light coloured bitter beer, Using a unique second ...more £1.45 inc VAT

Australia Carlton Crown Lager 37.5cl

Carlton Crown Lager

Brewed by part of the Fosters group, Carlton Crown is marketed as a premium lager and one of Austral ...more £1.75 inc VAT

Australia Hahn Premium 37.5cl

Hahn Premium

Hahn Premium Lager is hand crafted with higher malt levels and a blend of three special hops, Hahn i ...more £1.95 inc VAT

Australia James Boags Premium 37.5cl

James Boags Premium

James Boag's Premium is a European style lager brewed from pilsner malts...more £2.65 inc VAT

Australia Little Creatures Lager 33cl

Little Creatures Lager

The guys from Little Creatures brewed some of Australias great beers under the matilda bay/redback n ...more £2.95 inc VAT

Australia Tooheys Extra Dry 34.5cl

Tooheys Extra Dry

Toohey's Extra Dry is a smooth Australian beer launched in 1994...more £1.65 inc VAT

Australia Tooheys New 33cl

Tooheys New

Tooheys New is a full strength beer that is typical of the the main stream popular lagers available ...more £1.65 inc VAT

Australia Victoria Bitter 37.5cl

Victoria Bitter

Victoria Bitter or VB as it's fondly known is Australia's favourite full strength beer, it has a tra ...more £1.85 inc VAT

Austria Gosser Beer 33cl

Gosser Beer

Gösser represents the epitome of Styrian brewing skills and genuine beer pleasure, and is by far Aus ...more £1.95 inc VAT

Baytown Bitter 50cl

Baytown Bitter

Pours with a snow white head, a clear orange blond colour...more £2.95 inc VAT

Baytown 'Press Gangs Arrival' Pale Ale 50cl

'Press Gangs Arrival' Pale Ale

The Press Gang was a constant threat throughout the 18th century...more £2.95 inc VAT

Baytown 'Revenues Revenge' Lager 50cl

'Revenues Revenge' Lager

Squeezing taxes out of people has been a government pastime since the 18th century...more £2.95 inc VAT

Baytown 'Smugglers Haul' Strong Bitter 50cl

'Smugglers Haul' Strong Bitter

Baytown Strong Bitter pours clear copper brown, thin white head leaving lacing...more £2.95 inc VAT

Baytown 'Squires Connivance' Porter 50cl

'Squires Connivance' Porter

Even in the 18th century, local gentry tried to avoid central government control...more £2.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep Chocolate Orange Stout 50cl

Black Sheep Chocolate Orange Stout

A blend of two iconic flavours packed into a luscious stout...more £3.45 inc VAT

Black Sheep Venus and Mars 50cl

Black Sheep Venus and Mars

Our shepherds looked to the sky and across the universe...more £2.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep Blitzen 50cl


A hand-crafted, Ruby style session beer that's exceptionally dark in colour with a rich, biscuity fl ...more £2.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep Imperial Russian Stout 33cl

Imperial Russian Stout

From Yorkshire to Russia with Love...more £3.45 inc VAT

Breton Cider Loic Raison Brut 75cl

Loic Raison Brut

Loic Raison Brut, Strength and character identify this unfiltered, naturally cloudy and resolutely t ...more £4.95 inc VAT

Breton Cider Loic Raison Doux 75cl

Loic Raison Doux

Loic Raison Doux...more £4.95 inc VAT

Breton Cider Loic Raison Doux 33cl

Loic Raison Doux

Loic Raison Doux showing character and freshness while still preserving its natural qualities of fru ...more £2.25 inc VAT

Breton Cider Loic Raison Framboise 75cl

Loic Raison Framboise

Loic Raison Framboise...more £4.95 inc VAT

Breton Cider Loic Raison Framboise 27.5cl

Loic Raison Framboise

Loic Raison Framboise Loïc Raison have used all of their 90 years of experience making cidre to brin ...more £1.75 inc VAT

Breton Cider Loic Raison Traditionnel 75cl

Loic Raison Traditionnel

Loic Raison Traditionnel, Strength and character identify this unfiltered, naturally cloudy and reso ...more £4.95 inc VAT

Copper Dragon Golden Pippen Ale 50cl

Golden Pippen Ale

Golden Pippen Ale like all the bottled beers from Copper Dragon are traditionally brewed to reproduc ...more £2.95 inc VAT

Cuba Palma Cristal Lager 33cl

Palma Cristal Lager

Palma Cristal Lager is from Tinima Brewery which is the largest of six breweries in Cuba, and is und ...more £1.95 inc VAT

Daleside Crackshot Ale 50cl

Crackshot Ale

Daleside Crackshot Ale is named to commemorate Jane Ingilby, a Royalist trooper in the English Civil ...more £2.75 inc VAT

Daleside Ripon Jewel Ale 50cl

Ripon Jewel Ale

Daleside Ripon Jewel Ale from Daleside Brewery who have since the mid 1980's quietly producing a sma ...more £2.75 inc VAT

Durham Benedictus Beer 50cl

Benedictus Beer

A Barley Wine style Ale Benedictus pours a hazy amber colour, an immense head, rocky; beautiful lace ...more £4.95 inc VAT

Durham Bombay IPA 50cl

Bombay IPA

This bottom fermented beer originates from Bavarian cool fermented lagered (stored) beers...more £3.95 inc VAT

Finland Lapin Kulta Lager 33cl

Lapin Kulta Lager

Lapin Kulta Lager is golden-yellow in colour and pours with a decent but not overly long-lived head; ...more £2.35 inc VAT

Great Newsome Frothingham Best 50cl

Frothingham Best

Pours a dark reddish-amber with medium carbonation and slight haze...more £2.95 inc VAT

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