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The origins of Vodka are shrouded in mystery, but the two leading candidates are Russia and Poland. Vodka is associated and very popular in both countries where, the eighty proof liquor is drunk with meals. The name Vodka is thought to be derived from the Russian word "Voda” meaning water. Vodka is thought to have been made for medicinal purposes as an anaesthetic and disinfectant at the beginning of the 12th Century. It was not until the middle of the 14th Century that Vodka was discovered as an intoxicating drink and used as part of religious ceremonies due to the belief that it contained its own spirit. Although Vodka had been popular in Eastern Europe for hundreds of years, it was not until the 1930's when the Smirnoff Company opened for business and today Vodka commands 20% of the market in America. It is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. Vodka may be distilled from any starch/sugar rich plant matter. Most Vodka today is produced from grains such as rye, wheat, barley and corn where it is distilled at very high proofs and filtered, the higher the proof, the less flavour and clearer colour. Most Vodka has no colour and carries the clean aroma and character of pure spirit from the still. While most Vodkas are unflavoured, a wide variety of flavoured Vodkas have long been produced.

Mary White Vodka 70cl

Mary White Vodka

An extremely balanced, yet complex and flavourful vodka...more £39.95 inc VAT

Poetic License Graceful Vodka 70cl

Poetic License Graceful Vodka

A Graceful, gloriously smooth spirit, to be sipped and savoured...more £44.95 inc VAT

Potocki Vodka 70cl

Potocki Vodka

Potocki Wódka is distilled in Poland from rye following traditional techniques...more £44.95 inc VAT

Pure Organic Vodka 70cl

Pure Organic Vodka

Pure organic vodka is a light, refreshing vodka, both smooth and slightly sweet on the palate...more £39.95 inc VAT

Reyka Vodka 70cl

Reyka Vodka

A few spirits have employed the pure Icelandic waters in their production, however Reyka is the firs ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Roberto Cavalli Vodka 70cl

Roberto Cavalli Vodka

Roberto Cavalli Vodka from the flamboyant Italian designer Roberto Cavalli who has unveiled his own ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Sauvelle Vodka 70cl

Sauvelle Vodka

Sauvelle, French for 'wild and beautiful' is a vodka made at a microdistillery in the Cognac region...more £49.95 inc VAT

Skull X Vodka 70cl

Skull X Vodka

Our journey began in 2009, as a passion project during an Ice fishing trip...more £39.95 inc VAT

Snow Leopard Vodka 70cl

Snow Leopard Vodka

Snow Leopard Vodka is produced in Poland by one of the world's finest distilleries...more £49.95 inc VAT

Snow Queen Vodka 70cl

Snow Queen Vodka

Garlanded with numerous international awards, Snow Queen is a premium five-times-distilled vodka wit ...more £49.95 inc VAT

Solway Vodka 70cl

Solway Vodka

A particularly spicy vodka from Scotland, flavoured with black peppercorn and pomegranate...more £39.95 inc VAT

Soplica Cherry Vodka 50cl

Soplica Cherry Vodka

Soplica Cherry Liqueur has all of the character and credentials of the original product which has be ...more £21.95 inc VAT

Square one Vodka 70cl

Square one Vodka

Square one Vodka is a 100% certified organic rye vodka...more £54.95 inc VAT

The Lakes Vodka 70cl

The Lakes Vodka

Our base water for The Lakes Vodka is taken from the famous River Derwent with its source high up in ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Thunder Toffee Vodka 70cl

Thunder Toffee Vodka

Thunder Toffee Vodka is about stylish simplicity of taste...more £29.95 inc VAT

Two Birds Vodka 70cl

Two Birds Vodka

Distilled sugar beet and English barley are infused to create this supremely smooth vodka...more £39.95 inc VAT

Uluvka Vodka 70cl

Uluvka Vodka

Uluvka Vodka is a catch to one's eyes...more £49.95 inc VAT

Valt Vodka 70cl

Valt Vodka

Valt Vodka is the first single malt Scottish vodka in the world...more £44.95 inc VAT

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