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Port wine is a sweet, fortified wine from the Douro Valley in the northern part of Portugal. It takes its name from the city of Oporto, the centre for the export and trading of port. Port has been produced in Portugal sine the mid 15th Century. Port wine is typically richer, sweeter, and heavier and possesses a higher alcohol content than most other wines. It is commonly served after meals as a dessert wine or with cheese. In France, White Port is served as an aperitif. Here at Drinkswell we always stock a minimum of 20 different ports in a range of styles including, vintage, late bottled vintage, ruby, tawny and white.

Taylors 2000 Vintage Port 75cl

Taylors 2000 Vintage Port

Taylors 2000 Vintage Port, from the excellent 2000 vintage and scoring 98/100 Parker points, this st ...more £89.95 inc VAT

Taylors 2007 Vintage Port 75cl

Taylors 2007 Vintage Port

Taylors 2007 Vintage Port pours a purple black colour with a narrow violet rim...more £89.95 inc VAT

Taylors 2009 Vintage Port 70cl

Taylors 2009 Vintage Port

Taylor's 2009 has a lighter nose than the 2007 with precise dark cherry, Seville orange, fresh fig a ...more £84.95 inc VAT

Taylors 2011 Vintage Port 75cl

Taylors 2011 Vintage Port

Impenetrable blue-black colour with narrow purple rim...more £99.95 inc VAT

Taylors 40yr Tawny Port 70cl

Taylors 40yr Tawny Port

Taylor's, founded in 1692, is one of the oldest continuously family-owned Port houses...more £149.95 inc VAT

Taylors First Estate Port 75cl

Taylors First Estate Port

Taylors First Estate port is what's known as a 'vintage character' port - essentially an up-market r ...more £14.95 inc VAT

Taylors LBV Port 2015 75cl

Taylors LBV Port 2015

Taylor's created the Late Bottled Vintage style of port and is not only acknowledged to be its fines ...more £17.95 inc VAT

Taylors Quinta de Vargellas Port 2015 75cl

Taylors Quinta de Vargellas Port 2015

Taylors Quinta de Vargellas Port is a 'single quinta' wine, made in exactly the same way as Taylor's ...more £44.95 inc VAT

Taylors Quinta de Varqellas Vinha Vehla 75cl

Taylors Quinta de Varqellas Vinha Vehla

Taylors Quinta de Varqellas Vinha Vehla 2007 pours a deep inky colour with magenta rim...more £245.95 inc VAT

Vista Alegre Colheita 1996 Port 70cl

Vista Alegre Colheita 1996 Port

Vista Alegre Colheita from Vallegre - Vinhos do Porto S...more £34.95 inc VAT

Vista Alegre White 70cl

Vista Alegre White

The Port is produced mainly from the Malvasia Fina and Rabigato grape varieties and is one of the ma ...more £12.95 inc VAT

Vista Allegra Ruby Port 35cl

Vista Allegra Ruby Port

Porto Wine from Demarcated Duoro Region of Portugal in a Bottle Decanter, Careful selection of red g ...more £26.95 inc VAT

Warres 1994 Vintage Port 75cl

Warres 1994 Vintage Port

"Warre's 1994 Vintage Port is the most intensely dark of all the Symington's '94s...more £74.95 inc VAT

Warres 1997 Vintage Port 75cl

Warres 1997 Vintage Port

Warres 1997 Vintage Port has aromas of minerals, berries and wet earth jump out of the glass...more £69.95 inc VAT

Warres 2007 Vintage Port 75cl

Warres 2007 Vintage Port

Warres 2007 Vintage Port Inky and concentrated, with opaque colour given by the famous old vines of ...more £79.95 inc VAT

Warres 2011 Vintage Port 75cl

Warres 2011 Vintage Port

Warre's Vintage 2011 Mostly from the Pinhão Valley and Rio Torto, 40% old mixed vines - dense with r ...more £79.95 inc VAT

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