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From home, Drinkswell has over 40 Beers from Yorkshire alone and more than 100 Beers form all over the U.K. We stock Beers from breweries including Samuel Smiths, Daleside, Croptons, Copper Dragon, Black Sheep, Burton Bridge, Durham, Hogs Back, Kelham Island, Moorhouse, Naylors, O'Hanlons, Wentworth, Heather Ales, Orkney, William Bros, Traquair York and Wold Top Our range includes pale ales, dark ales, barley wines, heather ales, Scottish ales, honey ales, brown ales, porters and stouts. One of our strongest ales is Thomas Hardy Ale at 11.7%. Some are also available gift boxed in Packs see our Gift Box Section.

North Yorkshire Flying Herbit 50cl

Flying Herbit

Breweries 'Flagship Ale', first brewed 29 yrs ago! Smooth, full flavoured premium bitter, with marma ...more 2.95 inc VAT

North Yorkshire Pale Ale 50cl

Pale Ale

A classic IPA, brewed with English malt and English hops...more 2.95 inc VAT

North Yorkshire Porter 50cl


Brewed with cocoa nibs, this porter is luscious and velvety, bursting with dark chocolate flavour...more 2.95 inc VAT

North Yorkshire Red Kjarr 50cl

Red Kjarr

A deep ruby red ale with a fruity hop character balanced by a blend of caramel and toasted malts...more 2.95 inc VAT

North Yorkshire White Lady 50cl

White Lady

Pours a hazy pale honey colour with good carbonation and plentiful sediment...more 2.95 inc VAT

O Hanlons Thomas Hardy Ale 25cl

Thomas Hardy Ale

Thomas Hardy Ale has a hazy red-brown colour with a giant and slightly brown-tainted head...more 4.95 inc VAT

Pennine Celtic Hill Porter 50cl

Celtic Hill Porter

Taste: Rich and flavoursome dark porter with a hint of coffee and chocolate, long complex finish wit ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Portugal Super Bock 33cl

Super Bock

One of the best-selling beers in Portugal Super Bock pours a straw gold body with a bright-white hea ...more 1.45 inc VAT

Richmond Drummer Boy 50cl

Drummer Boy

At Richmond Brewing Company, we take pride in using only high quality ingredients...more 2.95 inc VAT

Richmond Station Ale 50cl

Station Ale

Richmond Brewing Company a new venture, set up by two experienced head brewers...more 2.95 inc VAT

Richmond Stump Cross Ale 50cl

Stump Cross Ale

Richmond Brewery Stump Cross Ale is a dark rich ale brewed using an all malt grist and traditional E ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Richmond Swale Ale 50cl

Swale Ale

Richmond Brewing Company Limited is a new venture, set up by two experienced head brewers...more 2.95 inc VAT

Russia Baltika No 7 Export 50cl

Baltika No 7 Export

Baltika No 7 pours a very nice yellow with a tall, fluffy white head that had good retention and de ...more 2.45 inc VAT

South Africa Castle Lager 33cl

Castle Lager

Castle Lager is a South African lager, claiming to be South Africa's favourite beer...more 1.35 inc VAT

Spain Alhambra Reserva 33cl

Alhambra Reserva

Alhambra Reserva has a large frothy white head on the initial pour, with a fairly impressive head re ...more 1.95 inc VAT

Spain Cruzcampo Lager 33cl

Cruzcampo Lager

Cruzcampo Beer is Brewed in Malaga on the Costa del Sol...more 1.85 inc VAT

Spain Mahou Cinco Estrellas 33cl

Mahou Cinco Estrellas

Mahou Cinco Estrellas pours a clear, deep golden body beneath an average-sized head of creamy white...more 1.55 inc VAT

Sweden Crocodile Lager 33cl

Crocodile Lager

Crocodile Lager is a pleasant Pale Lager, it pours a light gold colour with a modest, bright white h ...more 1.85 inc VAT

Timothy Taylor Cook Lane 33cl

Cook Lane

Named after the site of Timothy Taylor's first brewery in Keighley...more 2.75 inc VAT

Timothy Taylor Hopical Storm 33cl

Hopical Storm

Hopical Storm is a 4% ABV modern style dry-hopped Pale Ale using hops grown entirely in the UK...more 2.75 inc VAT

Timothy Taylor Poulter's Porter 33cl

Poulter's Porter

Private Arthur Poulter, was awarded the Victoria Cross (Britain's highest award for bravery) for gal ...more 2.75 inc VAT

Treboom Baron Saturday 50cl

Baron Saturday

Dark and mysterious, this voodoo spirit likes his followers to leave small gifts of cigars or peanut ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Treboom Hop Britannia 50cl

Hop Britannia

A fanfare for the power and might of British hops...more 2.95 inc VAT

Treboom Kettle Drum 50cl

Kettle Drum

That huge drum at the back of the orchestra is the inspiration for our best bitter...more 2.95 inc VAT

Treboom Yorkshire Sparkle 50cl

Yorkshire Sparkle

A Pale Ale, clear and bright with refreshing grapefruit flavours and hints of tropical fruits...more 2.95 inc VAT

USA Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA 35.5cl

Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA

One of the most talked about beers in years, Flying Dog's 20th Anniversary beer jumps out of the gla ...more 3.95 inc VAT

Vietnam Hue Beer 35cl

Hue Beer

Hue beer from Vietnam pours a clear, yellow colour with good carbonation and white foam that settled ...more 1.75 inc VAT

West Indies Carib 33cl


NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO ORDER Carib Lager is the most popular beer in Trinidad and Tobago, and date ...more 1.45 inc VAT

Wharfebank Camfell Flame 50cl

Camfell Flame

Wharfebank Camfell Flame is an Award Winning chestnut coloured premium ale, brewed with a complex mi ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Wharfebank Othello Gold 50cl

Othello Gold

Wharfebank Othello Gold is an English-hopped golden ale, brewed with American hops, named for the Do ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Wharfebank Yorkshire Stout 50cl

Yorkshire Stout

Wharfebank Stout is an Irish-style stout with powerful roasted flavours...more 2.95 inc VAT

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