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From home, Drinkswell has over 40 Beers from Yorkshire alone and more than 100 Beers form all over the U.K. We stock Beers from breweries including Samuel Smiths, Daleside, Croptons, Copper Dragon, Black Sheep, Burton Bridge, Durham, Hogs Back, Kelham Island, Moorhouse, Naylors, O'Hanlons, Wentworth, Heather Ales, Orkney, William Bros, Traquair York and Wold Top Our range includes pale ales, dark ales, barley wines, heather ales, Scottish ales, honey ales, brown ales, porters and stouts. One of our strongest ales is Thomas Hardy Ale at 11.7%. Some are also available gift boxed in Packs see our Gift Box Section.

Great Newsome Jems Stout 50cl

Jems Stout

A traditional Yorkshire stout, the titular Jem is the brewery's springer spaniel...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Newsome Liquorice Stout 50cl

Liquorice Stout

Taking its name from the men who dug Liquorice root from the ground by hand and inspired by Robert C ...more 3.45 inc VAT

Great Newsome Pricky Back Otchan 50cl

Pricky Back Otchan

The Great Newsome Brewery is situated on the East Yorkshire Coast, run by the Hodgson family at Grea ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Newsome Sleck Dust Ale 50cl

Sleck Dust Ale

The Great Newsome Brewery is situated on the East Yorkshire Coast close to the City of Hull and is r ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Newsome Winter Warmth 50cl

Winter Warmth

Ruby coloured winter warmer, a rich comforting depth of chocolate and roast malt flavours give way t ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Yorkshire Blackout 50cl


Perched on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, Cropton Brewery has been producing award -winning ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Yorkshire Chocolate Stout 50cl

Chocolate Stout

A strong, dark brew balanced with a delicate sweetness from the smooth chocolate malts...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Yorkshire Golden Ale 50cl

Golden Ale

A fine traditional ale with a hint of summer sweetness...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Yorkshire Lager 50cl


Billed as Yorkshire's first proper lager...more 2.95 inc VAT

Great Yorkshire Pale Ale 50cl

Pale Ale

This Yorkshire Pale Ale pours a clear orange-amber with a pinky sized, foamy white head that holds v ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Leeds Brewery Best Ale 50cl

Best Ale

Pours a dark golden colour with frothy, off-white head...more 2.95 inc VAT

Leeds Brewery Midnight Bell 50cl

Midnight Bell

Leeds Brewery Midnight Bell pours a gorgeous rich red with lots of lace...more 2.95 inc VAT

Leeds Brewery Yorkshire Gold 50cl

Yorkshire Gold

Pours clear golden with white creamy and dense one finger head with excellent retention, patchy laci ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne Oswald Whiteblade 50cl

Oswald Whiteblade

The St Oswald's beer is named in honour of a seventh-century warlord, who founded Lindisfarne and st ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne St Aidan 50cl

St Aidan

The St Aidan's beer is a fresh summer, hoppy brew made with Cascade hops...more 2.95 inc VAT

Lindisfarne St.Cuthbert 50cl


Bursting with flavour and aroma, a light session pale ale with notes of lychee, mango and gooseberri ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Mexico Bohemia 33cl


Bohemia pours as clear as beer gets with a pale golden hue...more 1.65 inc VAT

Mexico Crazy Eds Chili Beer 33cl

Crazy Eds Chili Beer

Crazy Eds Chili Beer A few reviews: "YOWZA! It's like nothing else I've ever had...more 1.95 inc VAT

Mexico Dos Equis Amber Beer 33cl

Dos Equis Amber Beer

Dos Equis Amber Beer pours with a lovely darkish copper colour with a bubbly, short-lived head...more 1.85 inc VAT

Mexico Dos Equis Special Lager 33cl

Dos Equis Special Lager

Dos Equis Special Lager is a refreshing, crisp, golden, lager style beer imported from Mexico...more 1.85 inc VAT

Naylors Black Cherry Beer 50cl

Black Cherry Beer

Even with a slow pour the beer produced a huge light tan coloured foaming head, below sat a dark, cl ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Citrus Wheat Beer 50cl

Citrus Wheat Beer

Brewed with Amarillo hops to provide a classic citrus hop taste, with coriander added to the boil...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Ginger Nectar 50cl

Ginger Nectar

A traditional copper coloured beer with fresh and dried ginger added to give a lovely ginger bite...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors IPA 50cl


Our India Pale Ale, strong enough to last the journey, bold enough to stand out...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Liquorice Libation 50cl

Liquorice Libation

A new craft ale recipe using a delicate amount of blackcurrants and Liquorish root to provide a smoo ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Martha's Chocolate Stout 50cl

Martha's Chocolate Stout

Milk Stout uses milk lactose to sweeten the brew and give real body to the pint...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Pinnacle Blonde 50cl

Pinnacle Blonde

Pours a hazy pale golden hue with good carbonation...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Rhubarb and Custard 50cl

Rhubarb and Custard

This golden beer is packed with rhubarb and custard flavours and will remind you of the puddings you ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Rum baa baa 50cl

Rum baa baa

Splice the mainbrace! Rum Baa Baa be a strong, rich, light brown ale slowly layered with buried trea ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Toffee Temptation 50cl

Toffee Temptation

Rich dark mild made with black and chocolate malts...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Vintage Old Ale 50cl

Vintage Old Ale

An extra long maturation period before being bottled makes this a very smooth beer with sweet maltin ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Naylors Yorkshire Ale 50cl

Yorkshire Ale

Pours a hazy golden hue with plentiful carbonation...more 2.95 inc VAT

New Zealand Monteiths Lager 33cl

Monteiths Lager

Montheith's richly hopped original ale delivers a full, round and complete beer flavour...more 1.65 inc VAT

New Zealand Speights Lager 33cl

Speights Lager

Speights Brewery are a vastly underrated macro from new zealand who brew the best stock standard bee ...more 1.55 inc VAT

New Zealand Steinlager 33cl


Steinlager pours a brilliant pale straw colour, with a rich rocky creamy white head, fine carbonatio ...more 1.95 inc VAT

North Yorkshire Cleveland Way 50cl

Cleveland Way

Fragrant New World hop flavours impart a full but delicate bitterness, a beautifully citrusy aroma, ...more 2.95 inc VAT

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