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When making Fruit Lambics, the whole fruits are usually added to the straight lambic beer after fermentation has started. Fruit beer varieties included Kriek made from cherries, Frambroise made from raspberries, Fraise made from strawberries, PÍche made from peaches and Cassis made from black currants. Once the fruit is added, the beer is allowed additional time to maturation before bottling. Malt and hop characters are generally low as is the alcohol content. Here at DrinksWell we are able to supply fruit beers from the following breweries : Timmermans, Boon, St Louis, Mort Subite, Lindemans, Flois and De Troch. Varieties include Apricot, Exotic (pineapple), Fraise ( strawberry), Peach, Mirabelle (plum), Tropical (banana), Kriek (cherry), Framboise (raspberry), Cassis (blackcurrant), Passion, Chocolate and Honey.

Floris Fraises 33cl

Floris Fraises

Floris Fraise is all strawberries...more £2.65 inc VAT

Floris Framboise 33cl

Floris Framboise

Floris Framboise pours a clear, pink colour, forming a foamy, light pink head with excellent retenti ...more £2.65 inc VAT

Floris Honey 33cl

Floris Honey

Floris Honey Beer has a very powerful floral aroma strongly honeyish and a sweetness and mild citru ...more £2.65 inc VAT

Floris Passion 33cl

Floris Passion

Floris Passion tastes more like a true lambic beer with the interplay of sweet and sour that one hop ...more £2.65 inc VAT

Lindemans Cassis 37.5cl

Lindemans Cassis

Pours a light purpleish colour with a small, pinkish head that dissipates slowly and leaves consider ...more £4.95 inc VAT

Lindemans Framboise 37.5cl

Lindemans Framboise

Lindemans Framboise pours a pretty ruby colour topped by a pinkish fluffy medium head that laces wel ...more £3.95 inc VAT

Lindemans Kriek 37.5cl

Lindemans Kriek

Lindemans Kriek pours a deep red colour with a hint of orange and brown hues in there to accent...more £3.95 inc VAT

Lindemans Pecheresse 37.5cl

Lindemans Pecheresse

Lindeman's Pecheresse peach flavoured lambic pours a cloudy, golden colour with a small white head, ...more £3.95 inc VAT

Timmermans Framboise Hibiscus 33cl

Timmermans Framboise Hibiscus

Timmermans Framboise pours a clear pink colour, forming a foamy, light pink head with excellent rete ...more £3.45 inc VAT

Timmermans Kriek Black Pepper 33cl

Timmermans Kriek Black Pepper

Timmermans Kriek pours a clear, bubbly, orange-amber colour with tall, creamy, off-white foam that p ...more £3.45 inc VAT

Timmermans Peach 33cl

Timmermans Peach

Timmermans Peach pours a pale golden colour with a head slightly off white and a foamy appearance, d ...more £2.95 inc VAT

Timmermans Strawberry Thyme 33cl

Timmermans Strawberry Thyme

Timmermans Strawberry and Thyme pours a very pink colour, with a huge foamy head...more £3.45 inc VAT

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Beers » Belgian Fruit Beers