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Abbey ales are part of Belgium's age old tradition. At the moment there are very few working monasteries brewing there own beer within the order, instead many of these monastries have licensed large commercial breweries to produce beers bearing their abbey name. The character of these Abbey Ales can differ enormously from each other but they are usually strong in alchol with values between 6% and 10%. Abbey Ales are usually labelled as either Dubbel - less alcholic and darker or Tripel - lighter or blond in colour with a syrupy, alcoholic feel in the mouth that encourages sippping, not quick drinking. St. Feuillien, St. Bernardus, Maredsous, Leffe, Karmeliet, Grimbergen, Corsendonk, Augustijn and Hett Kapital all fit into this category.

Karmeliet Tripel 33cl

Karmeliet Tripel

Karmeliet Tripel named after the three grains used wheat, barley and oats...more 3.95 inc VAT

Leffe 9 33cl

Leffe 9

Leffe 9 The strongest Leffe possibly meant as the brewer's most characterful beer...more 4.95 inc VAT

Leffe Blonde 33cl

Leffe Blonde

Leffe Blonde has a bubbly, thick but short-lived head...more 2.45 inc VAT

Leffe Bruin 33cl

Leffe Bruin

Leffe Bruin from Abdij van Leffe brewery is known for its abbey-style beers, without qualifying for ...more 2.45 inc VAT

Leffe Radieuse 33cl

Leffe Radieuse

Leffe Radieuse is a strong abbey-style ale brewed by Interbrew for the Leffe monastery...more 3.45 inc VAT

Leffe Royale 33cl

Leffe Royale

Leffe Royale pours a dark orange almost orange color forming a very creamy yellow head...more 3.95 inc VAT

Leffe Ruby 33cl

Leffe Ruby

Leffe Ruby is the first authentic abbey beer that has entered into a marriage with red fruits...more 3.45 inc VAT

Leffe Tripel 33cl

Leffe Tripel

Leffe Tripel is an abbey-style beer brewed under licence for Leffe by Interbrew...more 4.95 inc VAT

Maredsous 10 Triple 33cl

Maredsous 10 Triple

Maredsous 10 has a much lighter colour than expected...more 3.95 inc VAT

Maredsous 6 Blonde 33cl

Maredsous 6 Blonde

Maredsous Blonde is a delectable blonde ale with a sweet bready and yeasty nose and some light fruit ...more 2.95 inc VAT

Maredsous 8 Brune 33cl

Maredsous 8 Brune

Maredsous 8 Brune pours a nice golden brown with an amber red hue, two thumbs of bubbly beige head a ...more 3.75 inc VAT

St Bernardus Abt 33cl

St Bernardus Abt

St Bernardus Abt from The Westvleteren brewery in the abbey of St Sixtus decided to contract the bre ...more 4.45 inc VAT

St Bernardus Pater 33cl

St Bernardus Pater

St Bernardus Pater pours a deep brown with ruby highlights and a nice rich head...more 2.95 inc VAT

St Bernardus Prior 33cl

St Bernardus Prior

St Bernardus Prior pours dark brown, and as usual for St...more 3.95 inc VAT

St Bernardus Tripel 33cl

St Bernardus Tripel

St Bernardus Tripel pours a cloudy, milky pale orange with a beautiful full white head that melts to ...more 3.75 inc VAT

St. Feuillien Blonde 33cl

St. Feuillien Blonde

St Feuillien Blonde is a Belgian abbey Ale...more 3.95 inc VAT

St. Feuillien Tripel 33cl

St. Feuillien Tripel

St Feuillien Tripel pours with a very light golden body with a quick dying one-finger head...more 3.95 inc VAT

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