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Boon Gueuze 37.5cl

Boon Gueuze 37.5cl

Boon Gueuze opens with a pop, the beer pours a pale golden colour with a fine, long-lasting head. Nose is extremely musty, rubbery and leathery, with lots of white wine. The initial impression is sharp, estery and dry. Boon Gueuze is very sharp, with flavours of yeast and sherbet. Citrusy flavours are also present, helping to make it very acidic and tart to the point of astringency, and slightly expectorant. Fruit flavours include lemon, a hint of pineapple, and a touch of lime. Quinine (like bitter lemon) is also evident. Boon Gueuze towards the finish, more oaky, winey flavours become apparent - like a somewhat sharp oaked chardonnay. Aftertaste is quite bitter, with lime and possibly grapefruit. Mixing the yeast in takes all the harsh edges off it, making it even better than it already was - we were going to recommend this anyway. A gorgeous example of a traditional gueuze.

Strength: 6.5% ABV

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