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Cocchi Grappa 70cl

Cocchi Grappa 70cl

Distilled from the scented pomace of the very best Barbera grapes harvested from vineyards in the Monferrato hills, Cocchi Grappa Bianca is an unaged and traditional white Grappa with an intense scent of ripe grapes that all fine Grappas should have.
Nose: Mineral-led, with stony dryness balanced by freshly crushed fruit - apples, pears and apricots. Hints of fruit stone sourness and bitterness hide at the back.
Palate: Rich and thick on the tongue, with both fresh and stewed fruit. Sweet raisin and dried mixed peel notes provide a backbone, with both dry and stony notes and rich earthy notes hanging from the sides.
Finish: Fruity, spicy and rich.

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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