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Chimay Premiere 75cl

Chimay Premiere 75cl

Chimay Premiere pours a dark amber colour with a great off-white, foamy, creamy head. The lacing is intensely sticky, staying like paint on the glass. Chimay Premiere has definite apricot and apple, with yeasty fruitiness and a woody oak aroma. Cream, subtle spices, roasted sweetness of malt, and some very soft, buttery smells all come through. The taste is everything the nose hoped for: strongly fruity, warmly alcoholic, yeasty, creamy and highly carbonated, dense, filling, and long-lasting. Chimay has a sweet finish, yet one which leaves the mouth quite dry with a definite hop feel. It has a very "aged" feel to it, tasting like something that has been slowly developing in a dark mediaeval cellar for years and years. Tasting the last bit from the bottle, with the lees, makes for a superbly natural taste: supremely earthy tasting. The mouthfeel is perfect literally smooth and liquidy, but in the middle it becomes very foamy, but goes down incredibly easily. Chimay Premiere drinkability is first rate. Enjoy every drop of this, slowly.

Strength: 7.0% ABV

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