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De Koninck 25cl

De Koninck 25cl

De Koninck pours with a thick Belgian head, this could almost be an abbey beer. It has a gently Saazy hop aroma, tempered by a little dry caramel. De Koninck although top fermented, served from the fridge it could be mistaken for a lager. It has obviously been designed as a thirst quenching beer and indeed it is great for a warm summer evening - but letting the beer warm slightly in the customary bolleke (that's the name for the correct glass) will release further flavours: there is a spiciness that could be cinnamon or coriander, perhaps a hint of vanilla and a fresh grassiness. There is some dark fruit also present, though this appears more towards the finish, together with a slightly caramel note. All in all a very enjoyable beer with enough complexity to make it interesting.

Strength: 5.0% ABV

Only 2.45

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