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Barbar 33cl

Barbar describes itself as a 'blonde beer with honey' this is more akin to a 'tripel'; with its 8% abv. Barbar pours with a high rise white head and aromatic vanilla softness. The most important thing to know about this beer is that the honey is unmistakable. There are a large number of honey beers around, but most of them are far more subdued than this one. However, it doesn't taste overdone - and the sweetness seems to hold back the feeling of the alcohol. The honey tastes fresh and, although sweet, not cloying. There is coriander, both in the nose and on the palate, delicate citrus aroma hops and a yeasty softness towards the finish. Barbar aftertaste is - well, of honey. Though it doesn't stop there; vanilla, malt, and even a hint of further coriander make this a complex, drinkable offering.

Strength: 8.0% ABV

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