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Bacardi 8yr old Rum 70cl

Bacardi 8yr old Rum 70cl

Bacardi 8yr Old Rum is a premium amber rum aged in carefully selected matured oak casks to develop into one of the world's most exquisitely smooth rums. Wonderfully aromatic, with a rich and complex flavour to be savored. Its the most premium in the Bacardi portfolio of rums. Bacardi 8yr Old Rum is Medium amber in colour with a hot, fruity nose. Medium body. Delicate dried apricot and peach notes dominate a smooth, warm palate. Sweet caramel backnote becomes more noticeable when the glass is hand-warmed. The elegance of Bacardi 8yr rum is best experienced on any occasion when sipped in a brandy snifter or served 'on-the-rocks

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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