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Duvel  75cl

Duvel is a bottle-conditioned top-fermenting ale, and is pretty much a style in its own right - a Belgian golden ale. It is certainly a much-imitated classic. Pale golden yellow in colour with a thick, bubbly head, it has a nose rich in vanilla, with some hop and spice content. On the palate it is smooth, light and lively, almost creamy, with a taste and texture that give a dangerously low impression of its strength. Duvel has a distinct bitterness, along with citrus and vanilla flavours in abundance, but the strength only becomes apparent towards the finish - there is a rush of hop character and a hefty, malty kick that lets you know you're drinking something stronger than your average tipple. This becomes more apparent the further you get down the glass. Aftertaste is somehow fizzy, with lingering vanilla and hop notes, a very palatable beer .

Strength: 8.5% ABV

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