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Brugse Tripel 33cl

Brugse Tripel 33cl

Brugse Tripel a very deep golden triple-style bottle-conditioned offering from an historic brewery in Brugge (Bruges), West Flanders, whose name means 'the golden tree', is also known for a good wheat beer, Brugs Tarwebier, and several other abbey-style brews. Brugse Tripel made as is traditional with candy sugar but in this case unspiced. The beer pours with a rich head and a very hoppy aroma, with a twiggy quality a little like spruce and a trace of live yeast. Brugse Tripel palate is lively, richly malty and orange-fruity but smooth, with a clear hit of alcohol, some yeast, and a developing almond nuttiness. Tangy hops spread to become clearer on the swallow, where the alcohol makes itself felt, followed by a quite closed bitter finish with cough-drop sweetness developing against more sprucey hints, giving quite a liqueur-like touch.

Strength: 8.7% ABV

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