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St. Feuillien Tripel 33cl

St. Feuillien Tripel 33cl

St Feuillien Tripel pours with a very light golden body with a quick dying one-finger head. The aroma is a mix of oaky dryness, wet grassy hops, hints of citrusy yeast as well as fruit notes like apple and banana peel also clearly standing out. Smooth, medium body and slightly chewey thanks to a little breadiness. Has a caramel-like sugary sweetness that undercuts a sharp citric/fruit beer (grape, pear, apple) and some peppery spices - sharp due to good carbonation; a well-balanced beer that alternates between souresque fruit and sweet malt. The fruity notes of pear and apple come of a lot smoother than others in this class. Spice notes are there however they are very subtle which may go some way to explaining the smoothness of the taste. ABV adds perfect complement as ever so slightly warms as you sip but does not overpower you - a great tripel to sip on.

Strength: 8.5% ABV

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