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(Weissebier) Weihenstephan Kristal 50cl

(Weissebier) Weihenstephan Kristal 50cl

Weihenstephan Kristal is a clear Bavarian wheat beer, a tasty thirst-quencher for hot summer days. From the worlds oldest brewery, this specialty wheat beer Weihenstephaner Kristal gets its 'crystal clear' appearance from a particularly long filtration process, known in the industry as "fine filtration". Weihenstephaner Kristal Pours with a high-rise, creamy head that tastes of vanilla. Nose is light and spicy, with characteristic vanilla ice-cream and bubblegum notes. It is lively and spritzy on the tongue, yet very smooth and creamy despite the fizz. Flavours are light vanilla and white grapes, with a little bittering hop and a sherbety tingle in the back of the throat, the whole effect being extremely refreshing and drinkable. Finish is citrusy and zesty. This is a staggeringly refreshing example of the style

Strength: 5.4% ABV

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