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(Pilsner) Veltins Pilsner 50cl

(Pilsner) Veltins Pilsner 50cl

Veltins Pilsner pours a nice golden colour with a white foamy head that lasts forever, and the lace on the sides of the glass slowly slide down to rejoin the beer. The aroma is classic pilsener, with a malty background and some grassy aromas mildly hoppy and slightly sweet. Veltins Pilsner is bitter and hoppy at first, a hint of lemon in there, then easing into a nice simple sweet malt flavour, the hop bitterness that comes through the flavours are of grassy herbal hops. The sweetness is balancing but very nice, slightly bready. Medium bodied and a clean, crisp, slightly hoppy finish. Mouthfeel is very smooth. Veltins Pilsner is a very enjoyable pilsner and easy to drink in large quantities.

Strength: 4.8% ABV

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