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Yorkshire Heart Hearty Blonde 50cl

Yorkshire Heart Hearty Blonde 50cl

Made in Yorkshire this is a light, crisp, but tasty beer, leaning slightly to the bitter side and packing a lot in for the low ABV. Deep gold, slightly orangish, it has a big, off-white head, creamy and slowly shrinking to a small frothy head and leaving a little nice lace. The aroma is light fruit (yellow plum, pear, and apple), white bread, lemon, a hint of herbs, and honey. It smells a bit like a typical English pale ale smell crossed with a little pilsner and a hint of an American pale ale. The taste is lemon, a hint of grapefruit, pear, bread, toasted crackers, a hint of pne. It has a light fruity sweetness with a slightly stronger citrusy bitterness that dominates the finish and lingers in the aftertaste. The finish is mostly toasted crackers and lemon. It is very clean and crisp, with an excellent feel and harmony between the elements

Strength: 3.8% ABV

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