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Scallywag 70cl

Scallywag 70cl

Scallywag has all the tell tale characteristics of a Speysider, with plenty of sherried sweetness and spice. From thick vanilla frosting to dried apricots and raisins, the sweetness is complemented by a sherried spice that is brimming with cinnamon and nutmeg. These all come together to create a Christmas. The dried fruits are still there, with a hint of amaretto and dark chocolate. The bitterness of the chocolate goes well with the spices and creates a creamy mouth feel that evokes the vanilla frosting of the nose. The palate rounds off with a final, sweeping vanilla flavour that ties everything up. On the finish there is a final warmth of spice and sherry, with the slightest of hints towards oak.

Strength: 46.0% ABV

Only 49.95

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