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Lindisfarne Brown Ale 50cl

Lindisfarne Brown Ale 50cl

Pours dark brown in colour, with a frothy, fine-bubbled head that lasts well. The nose is extremely malty in a high-roast, treacley sense, with a distinct nutty edge to it. On sipping, the palate is flooded with both foamy liveliness and roast malt flavours, somewhat porter-like in character. The nuttiness also continues to play pleasantly on the tongue, accompanied by a splash of coffee and a hint of chocolate. Rich and smooth, the maltiness fades thorough the finish, leaving a pleasantly malty, slightly bitter aftertaste. A very interesting beer. Well worth a try. Brewery is based in Allendale, South West Northumberland. This is the first commercial brewing of beer in Allendale since 1887 when the original brewery closed due to the collapse of the local lead mining industry and subsequent rural depopulation

Strength: 4.7% ABV

Only 2.95

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