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Yorkshire Heart Rhu Bar Beer 50cl

Yorkshire Heart Rhu Bar Beer 50cl

Dark in colour with delicious fruity rhubarb flavours complete with a crisp aroma & refreshing tartness aftertaste. Crystal clear deep amber beer, small cream colour head. Light aroma of Rhubarb. Palate is light and dry with a fine minerall crispness. Taste follows the nose, Rhubarb pie but not sweet and actually a little bitter. Very dry finish with a floral Rhubarb linger. Nice job flavour wise. We are passionate about producing honest, quality easy drinking craft beers to the highest possible standards which is why all of our beers are brewed on site using only top quality malts and hops from reputable suppliers, and water from our own natural spring which helps give our beers their unique Yorkshire taste, even our beer bottles are made in Yorkshire!

Strength: 3.7% ABV

Only 2.95

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