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pellegrino garibaldi Dolce 75cl

pellegrino garibaldi Dolce 75cl

In 1980 Paolo Pellegrino founded a winery in the town of Marsala to produce a fortified wine. The Victorians greatly enjoyed the wine and, helped by the British Empire, Marsala became hugely successful. The rest is history.Today the Company is still family owned and managed and is now the undisputed market leader, appreciated in every corner of the world.
Soft pressing of the grapes. Vinification takes place is temperature controlled tanks. After completing the fermentation, the following is added: 80% Marsala Fine Oro sweet (150g/l residual sugars); 2% Calamich cooked must 2%; 18% alcohol. By law Marsala Superiore requires a minimum of 2 years ageing.
Rich, dark, smooth and lusciously sweet with a hint of wood and caramel on the nose. Ideal with chocolate based desserts.
Pellegrino Marsala Garibaldi Dolce is best served at 12-14C with tarts, flans, pastries, shortcake biscuits and chocolate based desserts.

Strength: 18.0% ABV

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