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Leffe Bruin 33cl

Leffe Bruin 33cl

Leffe Bruin from Abdij van Leffe brewery is known for its abbey-style beers, without qualifying for the trappist appellation. Like Grimbergen, Leffe beers are brewed under licence by a large commercial brewer, in this case Interbrew. Although Leffe is better known for its popular and widely available blonde beer, the brune is a bit special. Leffe Bruin aroma rising from the loose, bubbly head is slightly spicy, but otherwise quite reminiscent of a stout, with roast malt and chocolate notes. The flavour reinforces the stout parallel - lots of rich, warming chocolate malt flavours, quite bitter (the bitterness of dark chocolate or black treacle) but not hoppy, with little residual sweetness. Leffe Bruin aftertaste is lingering, with lots of dark chocolate and roast malt.

Strength: 6.5% ABV

Only 2.45

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