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Norfolk Nog 70cl

Norfolk Nog 70cl

Norfolk Nog made by the English Whisky company, using English malt spiri, fresh cream and honey for sweetness. The term nog is derived from the Middle English "noggin", a small carved wooden mug. Totally unique to St. George's Distillery. A local farming estate has been making their own Nog for generations, and very kindly allowed the distillery to borrow/steal the recipe. This is a very alcoholic cream and is best drunk in moderation. A very simple drink consisting of our Single Malt Whisky & cream. We think best served outdoors on a cold and blustery day. Perfect for long walks or a day fishing, or if you are not one to brave the elements, add some ice, a comfy chair and a log fire. Either way you are going to love this Nog.

Strength: 27.0% ABV

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