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Treboom Baron Saturday 50cl

Treboom Baron Saturday 50cl

Dark and mysterious, this voodoo spirit likes his followers to leave small gifts of cigars or peanuts. Brewed with five different malts it has hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice. Black mahogany in colour with a thin buff coloured head. Malty aroma with hints of roast coffee coming through. Smooth creamy mouthfeel and good lacing throughout. Dark malt complex gives rich maltloaf base with strong flavours of bitter dark chocolate, liquorice and creamy mocha coffee in the mouth. Dusty edge to the hop resins which give a short bitter aftertaste - being quite abrupt against the malt complexity. Finish is malty with very slightly sweet flavours of coffee creams and then drier notes of liquorice and roast grain evident in the mouth. Not as sweet as I was expecting from this porter and keeps the ABV well hidden. A decent session porter and highly recommended,

Strength: 5.2% ABV

Only 2.95

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