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Leffe Blonde 33cl

Leffe Blonde 33cl

Leffe Blonde has a bubbly, thick but short-lived head. Aroma is characteristically Belgian, with esters, phenols and spice (coriander). There is also toffee in the aroma, with a woody, perhaps coniferous hint from the phenols. On the palate Leffe Blonde has quite a lively fizz, with a spicy hop flavour and a little spirit kick. Fruit includes apples, sharp lemon, almond and vanilla - the cumulative effect is somehow like nougat but without the sweetness. Vanilla and caramel move toward a more hoppy finish which, coupled with the liveliness on the tongue, makes for a moreish quality! Aftertaste is a complex mixture of phenol, banana and toffee. It is quite spirity, with alcohol vapour warmth in the throat. This is a very pleasant, complex and well-rounded beer from Leffe.

Strength: 6.6% ABV

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