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(Weissebier) Schneider Hopfenweiss 50cl

(Weissebier) Schneider Hopfenweiss 50cl

This is a Hop Heads Hefe! Now for the beer. So big floral and full. Meal in a glass kind of thing. Sometimes Hefe has those flavours that are astringent and cut through you. Not this one. All those wonderful weissen flavours and characteristics and big hops to go with it. The alcohol is spot on. barely noticable and puts you where you want to be. Not for the faint at heart. Pours cloudy pale amber with a huge white head. Nice aroma - tangy, spicy, bananas. Medium bodied with plenty of fine prickly carbonation. The flavour has a nice subtle balance of sweet and sour - there's little malty sweetness offset by some slight fruity tanginess. The flavour has a dominant bite of spice and alcohol with some pleasant, although fairly subtle, hop bitterness in the finish. Overall an excellent strong wheat beer

Strength: 8.2% ABV

Only 4.95

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