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Chocolate Shop Wine 75cl

Chocolate Shop Wine 75cl

What is being termed "the ultimate treat for chocolate lovers” - a new Chocolate Wine -. The drink created by Chocolate Shop, is a mix of dark chocolate and red wine. Described as having 'an inviting aromas of black cherry and dark cocoa' with 'notes of creamy mocha' lingering on a 'smooth finish'. In the glass it looks like any other wine, but even while pouring your immediately aware of the black cherry aromas coming from the wine. It smells like a slightly boozy Black Forest Gateau. The first mouthful confirmed the sweetness, with the cherry flavour sitting right on top of a fairly light wine. It's certainly sweeter than most, but not overpoweringly so. The finish is a combination of vanilla, cherries and wine and taken in the context of 'a glass of wine' it's a little odd. Taken in the context of a glass of chocolatey booze it's less disturbing and kind of pleasant

Strength: 12.0% ABV

Only £9.95

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