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Stroh Inlander Rum 40 70cl

Stroh Inlander Rum 40 70cl

Stroh Original is an Austrian dark spiced rum, dating back to 1832. Made according to an old Austrian tradition and a secret recipe from the house of Stroh, this rum is refined with the finest essences and aromas. This recipe comes from the founder of the Stroh company, Sebastian Stroh, and has been passed down for generations and retained in its original form. This refinement process lends the rum its distinctive aroma which is known throughout the world, and which the connoisseur associates with a bit of Austria. Stroh Rum fuels your fantasies in finishing thrilling desserts, flambes of exclusive dishes, mixing cool drinks, creating wild cocktails. Or simply indulging in one of the planets most powerful shooters

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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