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(Pilsner) Flensburger Pilsner 33cl

(Pilsner) Flensburger Pilsner 33cl

Flensburger Pils pours a nice golden hay colour with a huge head of nearly three inches that never seems to let itself go down coating the sides with some nice lacing and tons of carbonation. Aroma is light grains, bready notes, hints of light clove maybe and a touch of some earthy grass notes. Palate offers a nice dose of flavour though with herbal hops that bitter it up nicely, balanced with a gentle malt sweetness. The light citrus notes come through, then a bit of sweet hops, and then it finished with a slight bitterness. This is a super-filling mouthfeel beer, with enough going on that it finishes nice and makes you want to take another sip and isn't too full

Strength: 4.8% ABV

Only 2.25

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