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Durham Temptation Stout 50cl

Durham  Temptation Stout 50cl

Durham Temptation Stout is a rich and full flavoured Ale its smooth and very easy to drink, it pours with a jet black body and feint tawny highlights around the rim. Head is chocorange colour but dissipates in the blink of an eye. Temptation Stout aromas are dominated by sweet malt, prunes and dark berry fruits, with milky coffee supporting. Palate is rich, with more sweet malt combining with high abv to deliver significant brandied characters, however milky coffee and bitterweet roast offer great balance, with a long warming finish, that lingers faintly sweet. Very much a sweet malt/liquered fruit story but has enough complexity and balance to carry without ever cloying. Temptation Stout has a wonderfully rich, mouthfilling oiliness, loads of body, almost chewy. Smooth, easy to drink, slips down leaving a rich, burnt-fruitcakey (in a good way) soaked in heavy sweet wine sensation. A classic of the style. A pint of this is alarmingly easy to drink, but has fairly devastating consequences. Very refreshing! Another corker from the Durham Brewery.

Strength: 10.0% ABV

Only 5.95