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(Skye) Poit Dhubh 8 year old Whisky

(Skye) Poit Dhubh 8 year old Whisky

Poit Dhubh Whisky is a vatted malt bottled by the Praban na Linne company, pronounced "potch ghoo" and literally meaning "black pot",it is also the gaelic term for an "illicit still". Being from Skye, the major part of the whisky is from the Talisker distillery. The rest is made up of Speyside malts. Prabàn Na Linne Ltd is the only Whisky company with headquarters in the Hebrides. The Proprieters have specialised in top quality products using sherry casks and have pioneered the concept of "un-chilled filtered" whisky in order to preserve the protiens and softer flavours. Poit Dhubh means "black pot" and is the term used in Gaelic for an illicit still. For this reason, the company is unwilling, either to confirm or deny, that Poit Dhubh comes from an illicit still on the island.

Strength: 43.0% ABV

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