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Durham Smoking Blonde 50cl

Durham  Smoking Blonde 50cl

Smoking Blonde at heart this is a strong mild, meaning it has a low hop content. In the 19th century milds were pale and strong with a direct historical line to original unhopped ale. A malt body of pale Maris Otter kicked off with oak smoked wheat. Citra hops in the aroma mingle with the smoked malt to create peach in the aroma and flavour. A full velvety body develops into a soft marmalade bitterness helped along by a shot of coriander. Recommendations: Characterful cheeses. These beers are natural, having a yeast sediment which continues to develop the character of the beer. Natural processes and no filtration ensure that all the flavour is left in. All bottles are suitable for vegans.

Strength: 6.0% ABV

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